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Paper Bag Easter Bunnies

Here is another fun and easy Easter idea to bring the kiddos along for! You most likely have all the supplies hanging around already too. Paper bags aren’t just for sack lunches, in this case we are going to make little goodie bags that would be great for school gifts, party favors or you could even replace your child’s yearly easter basket with these cute little homemade bunnies! Grab your supplies and your kiddos for this easy DIY!

Photo Cred: Anya McInroy

Time: 30 Minutes Cost: $5 Difficulty: Easy
  • paper bag easter bunnies

  • paper bag
  • scissors
  • pompom ball
  • glue gun
  • string or baker’s twine
  • marker
  • cookie cutter
  • hole punch

  • paper bag easter bunnies

First cut a triangle out of the top of your folded paper bag ….

  • paper bag easter bunnies

Next add a dollop of hot glue onto your pom pom ball and place onto center of your bag, hold for 30 seconds to dry (this is your bunny tail!)

  • paper bag easter bunnies

Now it’s time to make a personalized little name tag, start by tracing a shape from a cookie cutter or cutting your own one. I scored these Easter cookie cutters at the dollar store!

  • paper bag easter bunnies

Trace and cut…

  • paper bag easter bunnies

Hole punch…

  • paper bag easter bunnies

Then add some color- trace, add a pattern, whatever your are feeling! Then add name

  • paper bag easter bunnies

Time to add your Easter goodies!!

  • paper bag easter bunnies

Time to tie up your little Easter bunny bag! Crinkle and shape the pointed tops of the bag to create your bunny ears.

  • paper bag easter bunnies

There you have it! SO cute & SO Easy!

"Hoppy Easter!"

Materials I used for this project:

  • Paper bags
  • Scissors
  • Pompom balls
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To see more: http://zestitup.com/paper-bag-easter-bunnies/

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