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Decorating on a Zero Budget

Decor Ideas 12.12.14
It's always tough to decorate after all the Christmas décor has come down, but I have come up with a simple plan to do just that without spending a cent. 1)Take all of your favorite things and set them in a central location like your dining room table. At this point, your Christmas decorations have been put away, but keep things that read winter, versus holiday, out along with any plants you may have purchased during that season. 2)Think about what's important to you at this moment. What kind of feel do you want for your home and what items absolutely need to be utilized? Remember, just because you own it doesn't mean it needs to be out. This is part of the fun of decorating...you can periodically switch things around. Also, take a moment to think about practicality. 3)Look at things in a new way. 4)Switch rugs from room to room, rearrange furniture or swap a piece from one part of you home to another, switch or mix and match pillows or art.

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