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Just How Well Do DIY Counter Tops Hold Up?

I get asked this question a lot. People like the idea of an inexpensive solution for new counter tops....but it's also kind of scary to venture outside the realm of regular store bought ones. Ten months after installing our wood counter tops I'm revisiting just how well they've held up for me.

To see more: http://blog.chapterthirtyseven.com/10-month-check-up/

Got a question about this project?

  • Lisa House
    Lisa House Vickery, OH

    What brand of poly did you use? What I used left many, many brush marks no matter what I did

  • Bev
    Bev Leavenworth, KS

    I always apply poly with a small sponge roller... long clean strokes up and down, then from side to side; seamless!

  • Debbie Archambeault

    We bought the counter top kit and very well pleased about five years ago and still very good, takes the heat well. The only place we had an issue was the sink, make sure it is well sealed all way under and around the cutout. Follow directions to a

  • Dianne
    Dianne Savage, MN

    On my kitchen countertop, can I replace just the colored top? I have some additional piece I found in my garage. I took off 3 inched next to the new range. I now believe I can add the 3 inches of wood with support underneath, how can I seamlessly

  • Dianne
    Dianne Savage, MN

    I am refinishing my kitchen and took off all pecan stain and left them blonde. I like it. I raised my cabinets 3 inches to line up with the top cabinet over my refrigerator. I also put them out 2 inches more to accommodate the newer turntables

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