What are the MSDS facts on the chemical 4-Methylcyclohexane Methanol?



We are under a state of emergency for DO NOT USE WATER in our area due to the chemical above, which leaked into our river/water stations today. There was an odor as early as 9-10 am EST, but emergency notice only announced at 5 pm. Homeland Security, National Guard, and FEMA have been called in. Please, someone with knowledge, tell us what this chemical does. The effects are being downplayed, yet I read something alarmingly frightening. Would like professionals to respond!

Restaurants, daycares, schools all mandatorily closed. Grocery stores are on lock-down for people looting the shelves. It's real. Real scary.

  • Rita C. - Panoply
    Rita C. - Panoply Charleston, WV
    Erin Brockovich's team has entered the picture to possibly advocate for the 300,000 affected (that's 15% of our state's population).
  • Rita C. - Panoply
    Rita C. - Panoply Charleston, WV
    Didn't take long for the culprit company to file brankruptcy:


  • Rita C. - Panoply
    Rita C. - Panoply Charleston, WV
    I have marked this question resolved, but the truth of the matter is: the water problem in WV is NOT resolved, and it remains an issue. Not trying to show that I lean one way or another, but this report gives a fairly good update:
  • Brandon Evans
    Brandon Evans Fort Lauderdale, FL
    Has any one looked at the msds for sodium fluoride? It is way more toxic than 4-methylcyclohexanemethanol. What troubles me is every one made a big deal about the chemical spill (rightfully so) but know cares about sodium fluoride which is WAY more
  • Mdlund0
    Sodium fluoride is a simple salt that occurs naturally and is in no way poisonous. It is used to fluoridate water for hundreds of millions of people so that they can have healthy teeth and bones. It is not a communist plot to pollute our precious bodily
Rita C. - Panoply