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Dolly's Homemade Fabric Softener

  • 5 min
  • 2 Materials
  • $.50
  • Easy
What can you make with a little bit of hot water, white vinegar and hair conditioner? Join me today as I show you.
  • dolly s homemade fabric softener
I use my wool dryer balls for most of my laundry as a fabric softener. They work so well, but, I need a fabric softener for use with my hand washables.  I don't dry those.  This is a quick and inexpensive fabric softener for those times when you don't have or use the store bought. 

What You Need:
Hot Water
White Vinegar I used White House
Hair Conditioner the inexpensive kind found at the dollar store. I used Suave Naturals in Waterfall Mist scent. It is the closest to the Downy, I think.

*A quick note:
You don't need the hair conditioner and could use for scent an essential oil of your choice.  I just happen to have quite a supply of these hair conditions purchased when they were all the rage in making fabric softeners and don't want to waste them.

* Actually you don't need a scent, I just hate the smell of vinegar even though it disappears with time.

I made the small mix today because that is all I need for now.
  • dolly s homemade fabric softener
It only takes a minute to heat some water and mix these three ingredients to make a quick fabric softener.
  • dolly s homemade fabric softener
I've included a printable mixture card. You can make several sizes to suit your laundry needs. Most of you know that I use wool dryer balls for most of my laundry, but there are times when you need a liquid softener. I use this on my hand washables that can't be put into the dryer.
You can make larger batches the choice is yours.
I made the small batch today because it is convenient for me, and stores easily.
**The small batch fits into a 1 quart container or canning jar with lid.  There is enough room for shaking a little before use as well.
***You can cut the hair conditioner in half as well and it still will give a lighter softening.

Use 1/8 - 1/4 cup per load
depending on the size of the load.
  • dolly s homemade fabric softener
Please join me over at Hibiscus House for lots of cleaning mixtures that work!

Materials I used for this project:

  • Vinegar   (Grocery)
  • Hair Conditioner   (Dollar General)

To see more: https://hibiscushouse1.blogspot.com/2017/05/dollys-homemade-fabric-softener.html

Inspired? Will you try this project? Let the author know!