5 Fresh Ideas for Organizing With Jars

Organizing 05.26.15
When it comes to organizing, a glass jar (or two or three or more!) is a wonderful tool. Here are five Fresh Ideas for Organizing with Jars. These clutter-busting solutions are perfect for your kitchen, your workspace and your bathroom! #getorganized
  • Mason Jars and other glass jars are wonderful for organizing.
  • Cover a wooden caddy with scrapbook paper and change out regular Mason Jar lids to create a Mobile Desk Caddy.
  • Kitchen essentials like Kosher Salt and Pepper (when a pinch is better than a shake) are easy to access when store in small Mason Jars with chalkboard labels.
  • Liberate that tiered plate tray from your cupboard and use it (along with some jam jars or Mason Jars) to keep your craft supplies visible and organized.
  • A stacked glass candy jar is a great place to stow often used bathroom items.
  • A wooden box, paint, stencils and Wide Mouth Mason Jars make a Rustic Utensil Caddy. It's fabulous for entertaining!

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Malia Karlinsky