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I need to bring this cedar chest back to life. Please help?

all ideas will be appreciated! I don't want to mess it up.

  • Patricia Ann Kirby
    Patricia Ann Kirby Pensacola, FL
    on Jun 1, 2017

    Cover with gold contact paper to make it look like a brass trunk or could use silver paper to make it look like mirrored chest.. I did a old trunk with gold contact paper in my apt in NYC and put at end of brass bed and had many people looking and shopping for old trunks. Ebay has many mirror paper available!

  • Tammy
    Tammy Townsend, WI
    on Jun 1, 2017

    Sand it down and restain. After staining apply a good polyurethane sealer. If you are looking to make it more decorative you could apply trim or decorative molding before staining.

  • Reneei
    on Jun 1, 2017

    If you are. Refinishing it, you might try using the fantastic chalk paint, with or without a decal.

  • Lora
    Lora Gilbert, AZ
    on Jun 1, 2017

    It's a beautiful cedar chest that I think would be best just restored a little. I have purchased a product at Home Depot that restores the finish. Can't remember the name of it, but it worked great on some old kitchen cabinets. It's worth looking for.

  • Cindy
    Cindy Shelby, NE
    on Jun 1, 2017

    I have lightly sanded the inside of a cedar chest to renew the cedar smell. As far as the outside goes I would try Howard Restor-A-Finish. I've used it on several projects and am always happy with it. Simple to follow directions. I get mine at Menards

  • Diana Slater Decor
    Diana Slater Decor Moorpark, CA
    on Jun 2, 2017

    I just refinished a cedar chest with Heirloom Traditions Walnut Gel Stain. It looks awesome! Plus it was easy. I sanded it a little because it had water stains or some kind of spots all over it then washed it with a Dawn/apple cider vinegar/water solution. This stain is a gel and does not drip so I was able to stand the chest on one end and apply the stain. It has polyurethane built in! You can get it at HeirloomTraditionsPaint.com. Use code DSD to get 10% off.
    #HeirloomTraditions #DSDecor

  • John pyles
    John pyles Luray, VA
    on Jun 2, 2017

    Wood cleaner and polish

  • Heather is TooInspiredToSleep
    Heather is TooInspiredToSleep Paducah, KY
    on Jun 2, 2017

    I've been wanting to do this...https://www.instagram.com/p/BFAUQ-sMJpA/

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