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Fireplace Makeovers - Going White!

Let's face it...white is in!

Whether your style is modern, farmhouse, French country, traditional or shabby chic, white is a great way to lighten your space.

Many times it's just white paint with existing decor that will completely change the design and style of the space. White is airy, pure and breathes freshness into a space.

Take a look at how we changed living rooms by simply painting the fireplace white.
Prep and clean the surface of red brick.
Time: 2 Hours Cost: $75 Difficulty: Easy
  • How to Lime Paint over Red Brick Tutorial
Please watch video tutorial on how to clean, prep and paint brick using lime paint. Lime paint is unique in that it is absorbed into the brick and doesn't create a film on top of the brick but leaves a natural contour.  
Step 1 - Clean and prep the area for paint. With lime paint you will want to spritz water on the area for best absorption. Then you begin painting in random strokes unlike traditional paint.

With traditional paint you want to paint carefully to avoid heavy brush strokes. With lime paint it absorbs into the brick and the random strokes give it mottling and movement.
Step 2 - Notice how white lime paint completely changes the look of the room.
This wood fireplace will be done using chalk paint.

Clean and prep the area. Chalk paint is a great easy paint to use as it doesn't require extensive sanding. We recommend thoroughly cleaning the surface and a light scuff for best adhesion of the paint.
Paint the fireplace with two coats, letting the chalk paint dry for 30 minutes between coats. Chalk paint is forgiving so brush strokes aren't a huge issue with this type of paint. With detail like columns and ornate design, make sure to take time to get the paint into every crevice. Going from dark to light will require 2 coats and it is essential to get into every crevice for uniformity.
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Materials I used for this project:

  • Pure and Original Fresco Lime Paint in Sea Salt   (Please see website: https://www.craftsmanfinishes.com/lime-paint-brick/)
  • Dixie Belle Chalk Paint in Fluff   (Please see website: https://www.craftsmanfinishes.com/paintmakeovers/)

To see more: https://www.craftsmanfinishes.com

  • John Biermacher
    John Biermacher Kalamazoo, MI

    I am retired, but when I was workings in a a staff position for a large corporation, we would often get tons of opinions on how something should be done. Ultimately it was the person whose budget was being charged that had the final say. Although I

  • Linda Albert

    The details stand out so much MORE in the after photo! Came out Gorgeous!

  • Rae Claire

    Where I live there is a whole cottage industry supporting folks who remove paint from woodwork. I guess it's a regional thing. We frown on these "brightening-up" notions. If you must paint, try to use something that won't ruin the surface for the

    • Maura_salter

      Is there a paint for 'brightening up' that won't ruin the surface for the next owner- or myself if I later decide I'd prefer the old, original look?

  • Wolfie
    Wolfie Sacramento, CA

    It is lovely, however, I just cannot find it in my heart to paint over such beautiful wood.

  • Terry Clark
    Terry Clark Reedsport, OR

    We have a fake brick wall. Is there a special type of paint to use on it?

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