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Revamp a Wood Box

This wood box was very nice, but after years of using it to store vegetables, I decided it was due for a face lift!
Time: 4 Hours Cost: $2 Difficulty: Easy
I wiped down the wood box with a damp cloth. This box had never been finished with anything -it was just the bare wood.
I stained it with solid white wood stain, using a paint on- wipe off technique.
Using my computer, I created the words I wanted to put on the lid of the box. I made each word from a different font, use the largest font size, then enlarged the words on my printer - copier.
I turned the words over, and coloured them in with colour pencils.
I taped the words onto the surface. Now that the back of the letters are coloured, they will transfer like carbon paper, onto the wood. But what tool to use?
I tried using my clothes iron - too faint. Then I tried my woodburning tool - well that was nasty. Finally I used the old-fashioned method of rubbing, and with a nickle I was able to transfer the images onto the wood.

The transfer was pretty faint, so I just went over the words with the same coloured pencils to make them stand out.
I put the lid back on and here is the finished box. Not sure how I will protect it, probably with a satin clear poly finish, or maybe a wax finish.

I really do keep these veggies in that box. The lid stays slightly ajar for air flow.

Materials I used for this project:

  • Beautitone solid wood stain, white. I had some on hand, so little cost to me   (Home Hardware)
  • Colour pencils   (department store in Canada)

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