Garage concrete floor w/mega cracks: best way to make it look better, level?

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  • Hi there,

    For the best results in a repair I suggest letting a professional handle the work. Before doing this though, you should look

  • James A Roswell, GA
    You can fill te cracks with concrete filler available at home stores. There's a product call, "LevelQuick" sold at Home Depot that will allow you to level the floor. It is an flexible, polymer resin cement repair and leveling/grading compound. See the
  • I'm with Dan on this one.... We are local Atlanta area pros specializing in these issues. "Mega cracks?". Without layin an eyeball on it, your noting there is much more than normal cracking going on lends us to ask, "why?". We've seen garage floors
  • grout it in like tile ,except flush to f.f.e,,,,,finish floor elev.,and paint
  • Wally, plz tell me your kidding... You have not personally been involved in this solution, have you? I know we have not seen the floor, but "grout it in to floor level and paint"? Seriously?
  • not grout ,,,an aggregate slurry,,,dont just post stuff ,,,,,,to,read your own writing,,i wouldnt post if it didnt work,,,,dont overthink it,,keep it simple,,,
  • Just don't let "Its really C" see these posts ! "Aggregate slurry"? This makes no sense at all. no need to reply...
  • SlabJack Solutions Marietta, GA
    I would suggest filling the void through a deep soil SlabJacking process which would pump a soil cement slurry into the area and stop the reason why it cracked to begin with, then resurface. Simple fact is that this process works and has been an
  • this bears repeating - NEVER expect to find suitable materials for ANY technical project at the apron/vest stores - never EVER !!!!!!!!! i wouldn't expect a carpenter be knowledgeable on conc repairs NOR would i anticipate the reverse, either,,, 1st
  • Therese C Greenfield, IA
    The best advice for anyone is a simple rule of thumb: IF YOU DON'T KNOW, CALL A PRO"
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