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A More Comfortable Porch Swing Seat

Give your standard porch or patio swing the look of a daybed or just make it more comfortable by doing this easy DIY!

For more tips and inspiration follow the link to my website at the end of this article!
Time: 2 Hours Cost: $50 Difficulty: Easy
A much more comfortable porch swing seat that has been upholstered with a little foam and sunbrella fabric!
  • porch swing update upholsterd seat
This is what my swing seat looked like before upholstering it and you can tell it's a standard swing.
  • porch swing update upholsterd seat
Step 1: Cut the foam with scissors to the right width.  My swing is a standard size (purchased at Lowe’s) the seat is 18 in. x 48 in.

I left the foam as it arrived at 24 in. and cut it down from 72 in. to 48 in. 
  • porch swing update upholsterd seat
Step 2: Check to make sure the foam is the size you want. You do want some over hang so it wraps around the front of the swing seat.
  • porch swing update upholsterd seat
Step 3: Staple the foam to the swing seat.  This will hold it in place while you place the fabric.

Push HARD to reach the wood through the foam. Staple 3 to 4 times on the front of the swing seat and just under the swing back.
Caution: Push down really hard so the staple makes it into the wood of the swing.
  • porch swing update upholsterd seat
Step 4: Measure and cut the fabric.  Make sure you have enough to wrap around the foam. 

I left 16 in. all the way around for wrapping.
Step 5: There isn’t a way, without disassembling your swing, to upholster between the arm and the back.

Fix this problem by taking some of the leftover fabric, fold it into a 1 in. wide strip to attach in that space.  

You will need two strips.
  • porch swing update upholsterd seat
Step 6: Attach strips of fabric.  Staple into the foam and underneath the swing.  I cut the extra fabric away underneath and on the foam.

Then pushed it down into the hole where the staple is.
  • porch swing update upholsterd seat
Here is the fabric strip wrapped and stappled underneath.
  • porch swing update upholsterd seat
Step 7: Wrap the fabric and staple the front and back. Pull the fabric taught and staple UNDERNEATH the seat.

You can see the sun is starting to set, so this took about 2 hours start to finish!
  • porch swing update upholsterd seat
Step 8: Fold the raw edge of the fabric under before stapling around the back and the arms. Staple underneath.

You can see it won't be perfect and that's OK!
  • porch swing update upholsterd seat
Swing fabric on the back tucked around the arm and back. Not perfect - no big deal.
  • porch swing update upholsterd seat
Step 9: Iron the fabric on the seat swing. Add some decorative pillows and enjoy!
  • porch swing update upholsterd seat
COMPLETE! I've brushed and hosed off the Sunbrella fabric with water on a regular basis and it still looks this good.

Materials I used for this project:

  • Upholstery foam   (Amazon)
  • Sunbrella fabric   (Amazon)
  • Staple gun   (Amazon)

To see more: https://www.porchdaydreamer.com/upholster-a-porch-swing/

  • Sharon L Rabideau
    Sharon L Rabideau
    on Aug 7, 2017

    That is gorgeous!!

  • Margot_d
    on Aug 8, 2017

    love your cushions! Your dog is adorable!!! Wish you were my neighbor!!

  • Veralucia Santos
    Veralucia Santos
    on Aug 8, 2017


  • Linda
    Linda Plymouth, IN
    on Aug 10, 2017

    I love your porch, your swing, your dog and your new cover...Plus, you are such a gracious lady to patiently answer so many of the same questions

    • Porch Daydreamer
      Porch Daydreamer Davidson, NC
      on Aug 11, 2017

      I am SO happy people are even reading this that I am happy to answer. Thank you from the bottom of my heart 😁

  • Libuse Harris-Brown
    Libuse Harris-Brown Killeen, TX
    on Aug 11, 2017

    It looks very nice, but is not practical. Outside all the dirt, and white? What when is rain, and make sure your hand are very clean. I have cushions from Sunbrella in yellow and purple. Every spring I tight them to my link fence and pressure wash them. That's only quick and clean. If the seat get vet, even the Sunbrella material get mildew, and even not talk about the bench. It will rotten with time because drying time. Shampoo like sofa, outside is dirt different then on the outside. Will not clean. This is just nice for sunroom.

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