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Water Garden or Backyard Pond - Pond Building Instructions

In the summer of 2004, I had the idea of digging a small garden pond located to the east of the house.
The water garden is on a plateau, just before a small slope.
One dimension ends 30' X 19' (9 m x 5.7 m), the pond has a maximum depth of 28" (2' 4" or 70 cm).
For detailed instructions: ----> Build a Pond
Time: 18 Months Cost: $1200 Difficulty: Advanced
After 1 year after construction. Look began realistic and natural.

To see more: http://www.usa-gardening.com/guide/build-a-pond/

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  • DeMarie I
    DeMarie I Benkelman, NE

    Gorgeous. Love the "natural" look all round it. No doubt, that was a labor of love.

  • Pascal Tremblay

    Since the first building step, naturalisation did the job.

  • Juanita S
    Juanita S Davenport, IA

    Nice water garden, all by hand?? I am looking forward to adding a small water feature to my yard this year. Beautiful job, well done.

  • Judith Horton-Holm

    This is beautiful!!

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca Lawrenceville, GA

    One of the very best water gardens I have seen, especially one built by a homeowner without equipment.....very impressive!

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