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Garage Door to Be Fun Place!

The garage we have is typical one from Japanese manufacturer which is basically a squared box. No texture, no window, no taste whatsoever. Just a plain gray box.
This boring iron-steel mixed hard box is very tough, durable and all-season tolerable, the quality is pretty much highly reliable as storage except it's not my taste.

I've been wanted to do something to make my garage look little more fun, colored and acceptable. This time, I had a very supportive partner and here is how things changed.
Time: 4 Hours Cost: $10 Difficulty: Easy
This is my garage, too simple, storage, just an iron-steel box.
I don't know why but these storages are basically gray here. If there are more color selection available, I am pretty sure people who love colorful things like me would be very happy.
However apparently I'm not one of the majority here. Anyway, DIY is always the good way to solve problem.
As an artist, I love big campus when painting. All we needed was paint brush and bucket of paint, - we used water-proof paint for iron, steel, aluminum available at store, and simply draw the trees.
Painting natural thing such as trees like this one is very easy and good entry one for people who never draw picture in large scale as curves of trees cover small mistakes.
My daughter painted cute cats there
This is how it turned out at last.
Trees painted on storage now looks like part of trees on my garden.
It was very good time with my daughter!

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