When Mother Nature Brings Down Your Tree ~ Make a Bench!

6 days ago
My husband, Randy made this bench out of our huge, old Mulberry tree that was brought down during a storm. Randy collects antique tools so he decided to use ONLY those & NO power tools to make it. He used an axe & wedge to split the log & then removed the bark with a draw knife. A hatchet was used to rough shape the top. The top was then smoothed by using wood planes & the draw knife. Then Lots & Lots of hand sanding!

We loved this old tree & miss seeing its silhouette on the skyline at night! The Mulberry tree was a favorite of the birds because it was always loaded with berries. It's the reason my kids, growing up always had purple stained feet in the Summer. :-) Having a piece of it, crafted by my husband, in my home is very special to me ~

  • William Greene
    William Greene Bruce Crossing, MI
    Great job! Did very excellent on the leg joining. I do rustic work also and really enjoy it.


  • MaryAnn B
    MaryAnn B Vancouver, WA
    This is a beautiful piece of art. My daughter was gifted a beautiful cradle made from a plumb tree from their property. it too was beautiful, I love the art of woodworking especially someone who loves their tools like your husband.
    • Judy Walters Weiss
      Judy Walters Weiss Shelocta, PA
      MaryAnn B Thank you MaryAnn ~ What a precious gift that cradle must've been to your daughter ~ My husband said that plum is a beautiful wood! I too appreciate the craftsmanship of woodworkers who enjoy bringing out the beauty of the wood.
  • Lois Ann
    Lois Ann Herndon, VA
    Judy the bench is gorgeous. Randy has amazing skills. I'm impressed. The photography shows off the bench and its details beautifully.
    • Judy Walters Weiss
      Judy Walters Weiss Shelocta, PA
      Lois Ann Thanks Lois Ann ~ He really enjoys working with wood & I always enjoy finding a place in our home for his projects.
  • William Greene
    William Greene Bruce Crossing, MI
    Thanks for the reply Judy.
  • Nina Jordan-Smith
    Nina Jordan-Smith Louisville, KY
    Really beautiful. Years of love for the tree and many hours of work from your husband made a very special family heirloom. It kind of reminds me of the story "The Giving Tree"
  • Maxine Rogers
    Maxine Rogers Hutchinson, KS
    You learned at an early age, when not to hang the clothes on the line, when the berries were ripe!!
  • Alma Williams
    Who knew mulberry could be so beautiful! Kudos to your husband; wonderful skill to bring that out.
  • Phyllis
    Phyllis Kalispell, MT
    Too bad he didn't make more benches or other items from such a large tree, so everyone in the family could have a piece of the tree.
  • TJ
    TJ Andover, MN
    this is how family heirlooms are made. He brought out the beauty of the wood. Fabulous job.
  • Kathy Lucas
    Kathy Lucas Wellsburg, WV
    Absolutely gorgeous. I grew up with a mulberry tree in the neighbor's yard and she let me and my friend Toni eat all we wanted. Sometimes we even gathered enough for Toni's mom to make us mulberry pie. Your husband has amazing talent.
  • Cindy Haskell
    Cindy Haskell South Dartmouth, MA
    OMG...what an absolutely gorgeous piece!! Your husband truly is a gifted carpenter! I love the color! Congratulations on reusing an "old friend".
  • Kim Bowman
    This is wonderful! I love the fact that only antique, non-power tools were used. I had no idea that mulberry had such beautiful grain, never see furniture made from that wood. I love the way your husband left the 'knobby' outer layers of the tree natural
  • White Oak Studio Designs
    Your husband is very talented! Love the wood grain and the knots. I'll be sharing this with my husband as he loves to find, repair and collect old hand-tools. He is a hobby blacksmith!
    • Judy Walters Weiss
      Judy Walters Weiss Shelocta, PA
      White Oak Studio Designs Thanks ~ Aren't we lucky to have creative husbands? How interesting that your husband is a hobby blacksmith ~ we love & appreciate anything to do with the old trades. My husband also collects old hand tools & carpenter boxes.
  • White Oak Studio Designs
    I thought so when I saw your great photo's! We have a 5-acre property with extensive gardens and a lot of upkeep, and my husbands has many interests (bird hunting, training his Lab, music, target shooting with his gun and so on) so my husbands is more of
  • Cindy woosley
    Cindy woosley Wichita, KS
    It beautiful I love wood like this. What a great job. It will last forever
Judy Walters Weiss