When Mother Nature Brings Down Your Tree ~ Make a Bench!

My husband, Randy made this bench out of our huge, old Mulberry tree that was brought down during a storm. Randy collects antique tools so he decided to use ONLY those & NO power tools to make it. He used an axe & wedge to split the log & then removed the bark with a draw knife. A hatchet was used to rough shape the top. The top was then smoothed by using wood planes & the draw knife. Then Lots & Lots of hand sanding!
We loved this old tree & miss seeing its silhouette on the skyline at night! The Mulberry tree was a favorite of the birds because it was always loaded with berries. It's the reason my kids, growing up always had purple stained feet in the Summer. :-) Having a piece of it, crafted by my husband, in my home is very special to me ~
Randy enjoyed the challenge & satisfaction of making it with tools that craftsmen of the past would've used.
The color & beauty of the grain needed no stain ~ only a couple of coats of poly to protect it.
Chisels were used to inset the legs
Interesting looking knobby leg!
Three of the tools used sitting on top of an old carpenter box.
This old wood plane is a beautiful work of art in itself ~ love the horn shaped knob!
Draw Knife ~ these were a very useful & versatile tool used by early craftsmen.
Miller Falls ( wood plane that was used to smooth the top.
A carpenter himself, Randy had to buy the box when he read the name plate ~ W.H.Weiss ~ maybe a long lost relative? :-)
Love the decorative brass handle & copper name plate on the old carpenters box!
Damaged tree that was used to make the bench

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  • Tell
    Tell United Kingdom
  • Susan Bechamp
    Susan Bechamp West Branch, MI
    This is the kind of family heirloom I would treasure and pass down to the next generation and beyond. Do you photos of the tree still standing? If so seal them in acid free envelope and secure to the bottom of the bench with a letter describing the
  • Barbara Steenberg
    Barbara Steenberg Andover, MN
    Fabulous. It feels like the soul of the tree lives on in this gorgeous piece of art.
  • Mary Kuhn
    Mary Kuhn Lambertville, MI
  • Sally Fuhr
    Sally Fuhr Taylor Ridge, IL
    Purple feet, purple polka dots on your car roof! I have a huge seasoned maple stump just waiting for that kind of attention. When I find the draw knife, I hope to just make myself a throne. You've motivated me.
  • Irene O'Bryan
    Irene O'Bryan Tujunga, CA
    How wonderful to have this beautiful bench, made by your husband in memory of beautiful tree!
  • Tisha Reinertsen
    Tisha Reinertsen San Antonio, TX
    Now THAT is a BEAUTIFUL piece! So warm!
  • Carolyn Bickel
    Carolyn Bickel Green Bay, WI
    Just Beautiful! Wonderful keepsake!
  • Susan Haynes
    Susan Haynes Killeen, TX
    One of a kind useful artwork
  • Kathy N
    Kathy N Sacramento, CA
  • Gigi Price
    Gigi Price Selma, NC
    We had a Mulberry tree too!!! Such wonderful memories of sitting in the tree eating mulberries with our friends... and our feet were also purple and blue all summer. I wish we had thought to make a bench out of our tree...a great idea!!!
    • Judy Walters Weiss
      Judy Walters Weiss Shelocta, PA
      Gigi Price Isn't it great to have such wonderful memories! Memories of such simple pleasures are sometimes the best, don't you think?
  • Herman Tudor
    Herman Tudor Lexington, KY
    My hat's off to your husband - very well done!
  • Valerie
    Valerie Bethesda, OH
    Love this bench & all that it must mean to you! I just think Randy better make items from this tree for each of your children. They too will remember the "purple stained feet" of their childhood, & when you & your husband are gone, there may be a "
    • Judy Walters Weiss
      Judy Walters Weiss Shelocta, PA
      Valerie Thank you, Valerie! Yes, he needs to make sure there's one for each of them. He's made both of them a few personal pieces through the years which will be nice for them to have as keepsakes. I love your idea of making miniature mulberry trees!
  • User
    User Boca Raton, FL
    It is drop-dead gorgeous! Beautiful craftmanship, congratulations!
  • Debra
    Debra Cedarburg, WI
    You can tell a lot of love went into this piece. Absolutely beautiful!
Judy Walters Weiss