Wine Bottle Watering Device With Copper Tubing for Container Gardens

Going on vacation? Put a few of these together for your container gardens to keep them hydrated while you are away.

The concept of repurposing a wine bottle into a container

  • Catherine Smith
    Catherine Smith Fredericksburg, VA
    Man, that is fancy, pretty!
  • William Greene
    William Greene Bruce Crossing, MI
    like your idea.
  • Bonnie Ihrie
    Bonnie Ihrie Lake Charles, LA
    Or U could just order this thing that fits on the end of a bottle.
  • Margaret Diggs
    Margaret Diggs Savannah, MO
    I've been using wine bottles for a while to water my plants. I just stick the bottle down into the soil. Can you tell me the advantage of adding the copper tubing? Wallace Gardens
  • Melanie @ AdventuresInlandNW
    Smart, Wallace Gardens ! Repurposing wine bottles will make for more generous amounts of water that should last longer for when one goes on vacation than those tiny glass globes you can buy in the garden section. Thanks for the great idea!
  • Wallace Gardens
    Wallace Gardens Suwanee, GA
    I've tried this idea so many ways from Sunday Margaret Diggs that I've discovered all the "wrong" ways to use wine bottles in containers and why they don't work. Good question
  • Julie B
    Julie B Castle Rock, CO
    I putting the glass beads in just for deco, or do they serve a purpose?
  • Wallace Gardens
    Wallace Gardens Suwanee, GA
    Twofold, Julie B . (See explanation in the body of the text, above, listing all the materials needed, and what kind of glass you should use.) Yes, they are decorative, but more
  • Knox Siwash
    Knox Siwash Sheridan, OR
    Have you given any consideration to the fact that copper is toxic to plants? Maybe not enough to worry about, I don't know.
    • Irene
      Irene Montclair, CA
      Knox Siwash Speaking of copper, this spring I made a circle of copper wire around the base of my hydrangea plants. My hydrangeas didn't have any snails on them and still don't.
  • Ludwig Maier
    Copper (trace amounts) is good to plants, they function as an antifungal.
  • George Scheffer
    George Scheffer Monroe, NY
    The image of the Teflon tape is wrong. It is always wrapped in the SAME direction as you will screw the female part onto.
  • Bernadette Tetle
    Bernadette Tetle Goldsboro, NC
    This is beautiful.... I have 8 or so wine bottles in my garage that are very pretty to look at but did not have a use for. I refuse to send them to the recycling center because I knew someday someone would post an idea for my beautiful bottles. Thank you
  • Debra DiPasquale
    Debra DiPasquale Connell, WA
    How long does one normal size water bottle last in a 5 gallon pot do you think? I live in a hot dry climate.
  • Knit Wit
    Knit Wit San Jose, CA
    Not only is it functional, it is also aesthetically are a genius! Thanks for sharing!!
  • Cheryl Khan
    Cheryl Khan San Diego, CA
    Great idea @Wallace Gardens!

    You can make a wine bottle tiki torch and it looks absolutely amazing. Of course the type of wine bottle and the color also

Wallace Gardens