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Hamper Turned Into Side Table

I really hate doing laundry and anything to do with laundry, so why did I buy a hamper from Ikea? I really don't know. Maybe the fact that it was cheap and the idea of actually getting my laundry under control was alluring. But, that hamper sat in my garage for months and months. Then one day as I walked by it for the hundredth time, I thought that the frame was perfect to make a table out of. So I grabbed an old cabinet door and the frame and made a cute little side table!
Ikea hack: Hamper (and cabinet door) into cute little side table.
This was the hamper before. I'm sure I would have eventually used it for it's intended use ....
To connect the two, I just used some pipe straps from the plumbing aisle
I love how this looks in my living room now. It's perfect and narrow

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