Make Your Own Money-Saving Cleaning Products

Schoonmaken 06.18.15
Making my own cleaning products is something that’s always been on my to-do list…right next to “meditate daily,” “learn Italian” and “not hang up on telemarketers.” (In my vision of my most awesome self, these are the kinds of things I do.) In my rush to ring in Spring I was thinking maybe I could make a wager with Mother Nature: ”I green up my cleaning act – you green up my lawn.” Here I am, Mother Nature - doing MY part! #springcleaning #CleanIt
  • Make your own money-saving cleaning products - it's easier (and cheaper!) than you might think!
  • My arsenal of all-natural, money-saving cleaning supplies.
  • 1/2 c. water, 1/2 c. vinegar, 6 drops lemon essential oil, 6 drops tea tree essential oil. Cut up old t-shirts into rags, place in jar. Mix liquid, pour over top. Shake to moisten.
  • Add citrus peels to jar. Cover peels with vinegar, filling it to the top. Let it sit for 2 weeks to infuse. After 2 weeks, strain the peels out leaving just the vinegar. Dilute vinegar with equal parts water, add to spray bottle, and get your clean on!
  • 2/3 cup baking soda, 2 T. liquid castile soap. Mix use to clean, deodorize, and scour sinks, showers, tubs and ceramic tile.
  • 1/4 c. Borax, 1/4 c. Vinegar, 1/4 c. Salt.Mix up and rub paste into carpet stain. Let it soak in for a few hours and then vacuum up.
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