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Please Do Not Throw Away Scrap Pieces Of Wood!

We had lots of projects this summer, that required wood. As the wood was cut, the scrape pieces were collected in a bin. At the time I knew that even the shortest piece could be used as a project. With thought I came up with some yard characters for fall and other holidays made from left overs(cut wood).
Time: 3 Hours Cost: $8 Difficulty: Easy
These are my fall characters. You can carry this funny pair through Thanksgiving!
Here are some of the many pieces of scrap wood. Many of the pieces were already cut to size, I picked out from the bunch. All of my wood is pressure treated for long life!
To make my cat display a V shaped was cut for top head shape.
This jigsaw was used to cut my V shape.
All pieces are pre cut and nailed together before painted.
I LOVE LOVE These paints! The are great for this project, Paint and Primer in one, and Indoor/Outdoor.
Here is pre cut with base piece added to the back, making them strudy as a stand nailed together.
Here are the pieces spray painted. A small base , cut and nailed underneath for stability,was added and spray painted. Dry.
For a fun look, I used craft paints to finish off. (NOTE) After using craft paints you will need to use a sealer, spray or bush on the craft paints.
Here are some of my smaller pieces of wood.
Here are my Mr & Mrs. of our yard! You can use this same idea for all Holidays and Occasions!

Materials I used for this project:

  • Wood pieces   (On hand)
  • 2 on hand, 2 new   (Walmart)
  • Craft paints   (On hand)
Inspired? Will you try this project? Let the author know!