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How to Make Your Kitchen Cabinets Look Built-in Using Scrap Wood

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Since so many people have asked how I did this, I thought I would post about it. The blog post has the full tutorial but this should be good as well.
Time: 60 Minutes Difficulty: Easy
  • how to make your kitchen cabinets look built in using scrap wood, diy, how to, kitchen cabinets, kitchen design, woodworking projects
  • Delores M
    Delores M Liberty, TX

    This is awesome. Getting ready to paint part of my kitchen cabinets, this will be perfect for that special touch!

  • DB47
    DB47 Darlington, WI

    Looks nice but you'll trip over it. Toe kick space is there so your feet have room when standing at the counter.

    • Reposhture Studio - Kim

      @Cheryl This is beyond exciting! I am thrilled that you are going to do this and I hope that you will show us all pictures. Please let me know if you have any questions along the way and I will try to help.

  • Marlena
    Marlena Marshall, MI

    @Reposhture Studio - Kim Thank you for the photos! Very nice!

  • Tya
    Tya Canada

    Why is there no knobs ?

  • Sandy Hartnett
    Sandy Hartnett Philadelphia, PA

    Very nice! Hugs

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