If your tomato plant seems to be losing its flowers without making fruit, try tapping the flower clusters with a pencil

twice each day. Tomatoes don't need bees for pollination, just vibration to shake the pollen around on hot, humid days.
  • Kel P
    Kel P Breckenridge, MI
    I have tried the last 3 seasons to grow large tomatos. I do beefsteak, cherry and I have tried a couple other types. My cherry tomatos grow like wildfire, and they get pretty big for a cherry. But all other types of tomatos seem to not grow and when I do
  • Nancy S
    Nancy S Logan, OH
    Oh I never even thought of that. My sister asked me what to do few months back I told her to use Q Tip. LOL it worked for her. She is in southern Ca so there growing season is so different there. She pretty much lives in the desert. So the heat also
  • Shirley H
    Shirley H Joplin, MO
    which may be the answer to tomatoes like it a little breezy so I have read; the wind moves the plant which shakes the pollen.
  • Crystal N
    Crystal N Los Angeles, CA
    Yes, that works well, but it only works if you make a "buzzing" sound like a bee! lol
  • Anne B
    Great once they are bigger watering and tomato grower too.
  • Mark B
    Mark B Gainesville, GA
    Thamks so much for the teriffic tip. no more lost buds. only tasty clusters. yum yum yum
  • Dave J
    Dave J Pittsburgh, PA
    I always used a Q-tip to spread the pollen around from flower to flower, I will try this method this year !
  • Gertie R
    Gertie R Fort Collins, CO
    interesting will give it a try in a month or so when I can plant.....after the danger of frost has passed.
  • Sue H
    I just left mine alone and let them grow....watered them occassionally. Really got a great load and was kept in Tomato's all summer long - just from a few plants.
  • Linda schubert
    Linda schubert Sarasota, FL
    Can I grow tomatoes in a large pot inside my pool cage?
  • Myrna Engle
    Myrna Engle Flower Mound, TX
    Make no difference how long you try to pollinate tomatoes, if it's above 75 degrees at night the pollination will not set.
  • Donna
    Donna Sandwich, MA
    Take a newspaper and spank the stem. It works to spread the pollen. Do not touch the stem with your hands.
  • Ann T
    I just had an AHA! moment. My tomato is in a little hoop-house, and making flowers like crazy but so far only two tomatoes. It never occurred to me that the pollinators might not be able to get in to do the job, so I went out and gently tapped the whole
  • Julie Dever
    Julie Dever Columbia, SC
    This does work. Don't know about you, but I rarely see any bees anymore. This is not as sexy as normal pollination, but hey....just sayin.
  • Kathe With An E (Kathe)
    I go out and "tickle" my tomato flowers all of the time :-)
Walter Reeves