Around the House 04.03.14

If your tomato plant seems to be losing its flowers without making fruit, try tapping the flower clusters with a pencil

twice each day. Tomatoes don't need bees for pollination, just vibration to shake the pollen around on hot, humid days.
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  • John H Clermont, FL
    Thanks Walter!!!....I'm thumpin those plants every day now! I have the cherries like your photos.
  • Hi Walter, I have a sweet orange cherry tomato in my upside down "topsy-turvy" hanger and as soon as I put the plant in, it turned upwards, not hanging down and has only produced about 7 little tomatoes..good, buy not many. There are a few buds and all
  • Steve G Fort Collins, CO
    Brilliant. Thanks again, Walter. I hope I can remember this for a month or whatever til we actually start getting tomatoes or even flowers up here.
  • Amy Q Brooklyn, NY
    Great advise Walter ! my tomato is starting grow flower, I make sure I will do as you said.
  • James A Roswell, GA
    Who would have thought to tap buds with a pencil? The neighbors are going to call mental health on me.
  • Kel P Breckenridge, MI
    I have tried the last 3 seasons to grow large tomatos. I do beefsteak, cherry and I have tried a couple other types. My cherry tomatos grow like wildfire, and they get pretty big for a cherry. But all other types of tomatos seem to not grow and when I do
  • Nancy S Logan, OH
    Oh I never even thought of that. My sister asked me what to do few months back I told her to use Q Tip. LOL it worked for her. She is in southern Ca so there growing season is so different there. She pretty much lives in the desert. So the heat also
  • Shirley H Joplin, MO
    which may be the answer to tomatoes like it a little breezy so I have read; the wind moves the plant which shakes the pollen.
  • Crystal N Los Angeles, CA
    Yes, that works well, but it only works if you make a "buzzing" sound like a bee! lol
  • Great once they are bigger watering and tomato grower too.
  • Mark B Gainesville, GA
    Thamks so much for the teriffic tip. no more lost buds. only tasty clusters. yum yum yum
  • Dave J Pittsburgh, PA
    I always used a Q-tip to spread the pollen around from flower to flower, I will try this method this year !
  • Gertie R Fort Collins, CO
    interesting will give it a try in a month or so when I can plant.....after the danger of frost has passed.
  • I just left mine alone and let them grow....watered them occassionally. Really got a great load and was kept in Tomato's all summer long - just from a few plants.
  • Linda schubert Sarasota, FL
    Can I grow tomatoes in a large pot inside my pool cage?