What is the absolute best paint stripper to use for furniture?

  • KMS Woodworks
    KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
    By best..what do you mean......best for the environment, best for the furniture, best for removing paint?

    Over the years I have used all kinds of strippers, from the crazy toxic MEK types to the citrus based "green products".

  • Terri D
    Terri D Gilbert, AZ
    I have just recently started refinishing furniture. So I guess, all of the above. I have one now that is good for the environment, but not real great at removing finishes (tried it with both paint and polyurethane). I guess I really need to know which
  • SawHorse.net
    SawHorse.net Atlanta, GA
    Make sure that you do this with proper ventilation. One of my family members and one friend of mine died from over exposure to toxic solvents. Stripping furniture is a chore so I take them to get professionally dipped and stripped then I do the
  • KMS Woodworks
    KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
    I've also had some good results with "heat guns". I borrowed one from a buddy years ago for a painted project, it is chemical free but can still be stinky when the paint heats up...Like Sawhorse said...good ventilation and a properly equipped respirator
  • Shane Tallant
    Shane Tallant Nashville, TN
    Terri D- I found a great website that may help you out with your stripping. Ah hem...furniture stripping, of course. check this site out and let me know if it was of any help to you. http://www.refinishfurniture.com/strip.htm
  • Terri D
    Terri D Gilbert, AZ
    Thanks everyone! Who knew there were so many options for stripping paint...not me! Thanks for the link to the "stripping" website, Shane...off to check it out!
  • Paint A
    Paint A Whitman, MA
    What is the absolute best paint stripper to use for furniture?

    Hi Terri you can give Citristrip a try.

  • Terri D
    Terri D Gilbert, AZ
    Thank you...I will definitely give this a try! Sounds like it will work on all types of finishes!
  • Eco-Strip
    Eco-Strip Reston, VA
    If you want to less risky than using a high heat gun, try an infrared low heat speedheater. Maybe a wood headed scraper rather than metal would be gentler on wood. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXQSN-UFpUo
  • James Norris
    I know nothing about paint stripper but you could try to talk to the guys from furniture in Gilbert. I would imagine that they could help you out with that. Sorry I am not of more help. Their contact information is on this site I believe. http://www.athomefurnishingsaz.com/
  • Paint-N-Plus
    Paint-N-Plus Centreville, AL
    I once used a product called "Aircraft Stripper" This is some strong stuff.Please use in well ventilated area or use proper protection.Not sure were it come from,maybe Ben Moore.You could contact a local strip shop in town.They have vats they can just
  • Brooke Albrecht
    Brooke Albrecht Fond Du Lac, WI
    Formby's~ my Grandma swears by it!!
Terri D