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Hand Painted Blue Buffet

When I first saw this one I knew I had to have it! And I knew I had to help all that beautiful detail stand out!!
  • hand painted blue buffet, painted furniture
I sanded down the top until it was smooth and all the scratches and dings were no longer there.
  • hand painted blue buffet, painted furniture
I decided to take a gamble and go bold with this one. All that detail had been over looked for years and I really wanted to bring it out into the spotlight! So, I painted everything a midnight blue. (leaving the top natural wood- which I stained with Minwax's Ebony)
  • hand painted blue buffet, painted furniture
Now came the fun part! Bringing out all that gorgeous detail! Like I said, I wanted the detail to stand out! So, I tinted my glaze with a stark white paint (I used the Royal Touch brand from Ace Hardware). To apply the glaze I just used an old worn paint brush (because I was going to be dabbing and pressing the bristles into the detail, so you don't want to use a nice brush), I dabbed, pressed, and pushed the white glaze into all the nooks and crannies and then simply took a clean, damp paper towel and wiped away any and all of the excess glaze. Just leaving the white in the detailed carvings. I worked in small sections at a time. This way the glaze didn't have time to dry and I was still able to clean up all the excess.
  • hand painted blue buffet, painted furniture
I used 3 coats of polycrylic to seal and protect it.
  • hand painted blue buffet, painted furniture
Isn't she a beauty!?
  • hand painted blue buffet, painted furniture
And just like that, this old girl has a new life!! All of that yummy detail makes me happy! No one will EVER over look all of that detail again! :)

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  • Debi @ Add Value To Your Home

    Wow! Small world! I just painted a VERY similar looking hutch dark blue and posted mine on Hometalk yesterday. Here's what I did to mine.

  • Sherylfrommd

    Absolutely beautiful!! I paint this type of sideboard all the time. My answer to people who want it restored to the original finish, feel free to buy it and restore it. Keep up the beautiful work

  • Leah Rieve Heeger
    Leah Rieve Heeger Flower Mound, TX


  • Mari Recio Westforth
    Mari Recio Westforth Fayetteville, NC

    Amazing work! Beautiful and inspiring!!

  • Zoe Emiko

    Beautiful! I'd love to find a sideboard like this.

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