The Painted Fabric Chairs!

Yall, I am so excited to share this with you! These are my painted chairs! I painted the fabric on these and the wood and it was easy peasy! :) This is one of my favorite projects I have done lately! I would love to know what you think!
Time: 6 Hours Difficulty: Easy
Before & After!
Before & After!
Before - This is just so not me. :) I'm not into the flowery look at all!
Before - I didnt think this was to bad but I wanted them to match. So it got painted too!
This was what 1 coat of paint looked like. I sprayed the chair down with water to keep the paint from absorbing to much. I used 2 cups of latex paint, 2 cups of Textile Medium (Hobby Lobby - dont forget your coupon!) and 2 cups of water mixed together very well. I did 2 coats and then went to work on painting the wood.
This is after 2 coats of Primer (Zinsser Bulls Eye 123). Next up it's time for the paint!
Final product! I'm a very happy girl!
I added a coat of Minwax Polycrylic to seal it! What do you think?! I would love to hear your thoughts!

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  • Marymack7
    Great idea. I read you mixed paint with fabric medium and water. So I think I just answered my own question. I'm guessing you used a spacer powered by a compressor. Is that correct?
    • Heather (The Wilson Farm)
      Mary Thanks, I didnt use a spacer powered by a compressor. I just mixed them together in a bowl. :) Nothing fancy over here.
  • Couture Papier
    Couture Papier Cohasset, MA
    great idea....
  • GR
    I would be really interested to hear how these hold up after some wear. I have tried painting a couple of chairs with chalk paint, some more successfully than others! I can do simple upholstery,( I recommend starting with a drop in chair seat - it's like
    • Heather (The Wilson Farm)
      GR I painted a couch about two years ago and we use it everyday. It gets lots of wear and it still looks the same as when I painted it two years ago. I've had
  • GR
    That's good to know, maybe I'll try your method next... I like chalk paint but it's not always the best - it depends on the project - but it's definitely worth trying. Thanks for the compliment, especially as you are obviously very talented yourself!
  • Connie Nikiforoff Designs
    Well done :-) Nice new look that I'm sure is more 'you' :-)
  • Peggy Johnson
    Peggy Johnson Lewiston, ID
    Very impressive I had no idea painted fabric could come out so well. Great job!!!
  • Sheila Brown
    Sheila Brown Jacksonville, FL
    I love this and I love to paint almost anything. So I will be doing this. I have a chair that I keep covered so off the the cover and here comes the paint. Only one question, will the paint eventually wear off from people sitting on it?
    • Heather (The Wilson Farm)
      I dont really think it will to tell you the truth. I've had my couch that I did 2 1/2 years ago and it still looks the same today as it did then. We use it as our main couch. :)
  • April Rodrigue
    Love the chairs! I just painted couple going room chair. 1/1 latex paint and fabric medium. The chairs feel a bit tacky/rubbery. Will that change over time? I was thinking of heat setting it with an iron, but I'm scared it would mske the fabric stuff.
    • Heather (The Wilson Farm)
      April Rodrigue So sorry for the delay! I was on vacation. I'm not sure why they would feel tacky? I've always diluted mine with water. Mine felt a little rough right after but never tacky. What kind of material is it?
  • April Rodrigue
    No worries! I think it's just cotton, but it has a bit of a design on it like the cream coloured one you painted. I never used that much water, that could be the problem. I wonder if I used 1//1/1 water, medium,paint for the third cost if it would make
    • Heather (The Wilson Farm)
      April Rodrigue I would def try that! I think maybe it just wasn't diluted enough. I've seen that some people even give it a light sand in between. I think I would try the 1/1/1
  • Carol Tomlin
    Carol Tomlin Spencer, MA
    I'd like to paint a fabric chair for my bedroom. No one has mentioned how to put the paint on. I would guess a foam roller.
  • Carol Tomlin
    Carol Tomlin Spencer, MA
    Thanks! I may try this. Yours came out so beautiful.
  • April Rodrigue
    Hi Heather, so I tried the 1 part paint, two parts medium and 1/2 water. It seemed to have made the material a bit less tacky. Now the problem I'm having is when I wipe the material on the chairs some of the colour is transferring to my cloth. I don't
  • April Rodrigue
    Yes I did try 1/1/1 and I was using a 2" Purdys paint brush.
  • Jessie Meadows
    Hi Heather exactly what kind of paint did you use. I am ordering mine from Lowes. I've got the Zinsser Bullseye 123 Interior Latex Primer in the cart to mix with the fabric medium and water for the first part of the project but I wanted to know what kind
  • Pip59
    Pip59 Daphne, AL
    They look fantastic - this is now my next project !! Thanks
Heather (The Wilson Farm)