AMAZING Kitchen Renovation

This kitchen was small and closed in by walls. We blew out two of the walls which led to the living room and dining room. Doing this created a gorgeous, large, open kitchen. You HAVE to see the before pictures of this kitchen!
The wall between the kitchen and den was torn down and an island was put in it's place.
Check out how small and dated the kitchen looked before.
The wall between the kitchen and dining room was torn down as well, and it really opened the space up!
New custom built cabinetry was added to one wall in the dining room.
To see more of the befores and afters of this transformation, click on the link below.

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  • Latrena Bailey
    Latrena Bailey Texarkana, AR
    That is sooo impressive!!
  • Amanda Huddlestun-Meeks
    Looks great one suggestion take a picture from the same angle (or as close as possible) so that we can get the full effect and compare easier as it is so hard to tell they are the same room as u did such a remarkable job
    • Beneath My Heart
      Beneath My Heart Wilmore, KY
      Amanda Huddlestun-Meeks I agree. If you click over to my blog post, you can see a ton more angles, which might help you be able to tell. It was such a major transformation, it was hard to compare the befores to the afters. :)
  • Ellen R
    Ellen R Ridgeway, SC
    What you have done looks great but I have had a kitchen that opened into the den before and did not like it. I prefer my kitchen to be separate.
  • Carolyn Faye Blizzard Lanier
    I love it.
  • Dianna Wood
    Dianna Wood Rancho Cordova, CA
    SUPER! Great use of space and wonderful renovation!
  • Chery63
    Chery63 Whitestone, NY
    Luv it! Amazing transformation!
  • Diana L. Ward Jones
    Diana L. Ward Jones Huntsville, AL
    Excellent :-) I always knew it could be done :-!! :-)
  • Janette
    Janette United Kingdom
    Stunning, what a fabulous transformation.x
  • Allison Robbins
    Looks so different, wonderful job. I would be worried about support but I assume you made sure that was OK.
  • Liliana Wells
    Liliana Wells Jackson, GA
    Great job! I love the way you opened it up and how bright it is.
  • Marlene
    Marlene Glendale Heights, IL
    Beautiful job! I like it, but I think I would have used all the same flooring. One of those bar stools is sitting on top of two types of flooring. Which look odd to me but other than that little tweak, it's BEAUTIFUL!
  • JoAnn Caudle
    JoAnn Caudle Powder Springs, GA
    WOW! Now that's a makeover!! Great job!
  • Rosebudkitty
    Rosebudkitty Nortonville, KY
    Cant please everyone. Nice
  • Bliss R
    Bliss R Minneapolis, MN
    Beautiful beautiful beautiful!!!
  • Nanette Hazelton
    Nanette Hazelton Pompano Beach, FL
    Hello I would like to know or see a kitchen remodel with basically just the cabinets small/tiny dishwasher as it is a bungalow with the kitchen being cabinets and countertops with a mini dishwasher only very very small area no room for a table and chairs
Beneath My Heart