Patriotic Painted Denim Bunting

The end of May marks the unofficial start of summer with Memorial Day, and I’m getting in the patriotic spirit with this DIY painted denim bunting! #MemorialDay #Repurpose #Bunting
DIY patriotic painted denim bunting made out of an old pair of blue jeans!
I made a template out of card stock, traced it onto an old pair of jeans, and cut out. Next, I secured a stencil to the denim with double-stick tape. Using white acrylic craft paint and a flat-bottomed foam stencil brush I blotted the paint onto the denim in straight up and down motions.
I used two coats of paint for my bunting, and the paint soaks in pretty quickly so I didn’t have too wait long before coats. I also noticed the paint continues to soak into the denim as it dries, giving it a little bit of a worn and weathered look which I really liked. The picture below shows how the dried letters look on denim after one coat (lighter and more faded) and after two coats (more pronounced, slightly faded).
To hang, I folded over the denim at the very top and cut a small vertical slit on each side with scissors. Then I strung the letters on red rickrack. (I used rickrack because it does a great job of holding the letters in place without them sliding around, but you could also easily use ribbon, twine, or string knotted at the corners as well.)
Lastly, I added little tassels made out of strips of cut denim, ribbon, and baker’s twine.
I made each piece of my bunting 5″ wide and 6″ high – the perfect size for 3″ letter stencils. You can recreate your own, or click on the link below to go to my blog for a free printable of the template I used.

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