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Potting Table Turned Serving Station

So today I played on our back patio. Remember my Potting Bench I got lost summer? Well this year I decided to turn it into a Beverage Serving Station. I've been seeing so many awesome ideas in Blogland lately. So here is my version...
I spray painted an old frame white and added a fake boxwood wreath for the wall
I found the adorable Bunny Art at a Spring Bazaar, and you all know how much we love Bunnies around here ... lol
Some close-ups
Some close-ups
Some close-ups
napkins, straws and outdoor wine glasses are from World Market
uhhh and I also got these 3 paper lanterns at World Market today
they add some more fun to the patio!

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  • Michele Eures
    Michele Eures Conowingo, MD
    on Jun 1, 2014

    Great idea! Your deck looks very inviting. Love those paper lanterns.

  • Mcgypsy9
    on Jun 1, 2014

    It certainly does look inviting! I love the potting bench so much, I think I am going to duplicate it! OH and I also love that you made that potting bench into a serving area! Great Job! One question: Where did you get the hook that you have the towel hanging from?

    • Christine @ Little Brags
      Christine @ Little Brags Redmond, WA
      on Jun 1, 2014 thanks so much for the compliments.....I actually got the hooks in Germany years back, but often times Word Market has stuff like that or Hobby Lobby....

  • Mcgypsy9
    on Jun 2, 2014

    Well...funny thing is, I have a girlfriend who is from Germany and goes home about twice a year. I will have to show this to her and see if she can find it. I will check the WM and HL though as I frequent both of those. I know I have seen something similar to this hook but can't remember where. I WILL FIND THEM!!! Thanks!!

  • Wheelbarrow Cottage
    Wheelbarrow Cottage Dallas, TX
    on Jun 3, 2014

    I love it - the bunny picture is SO cute! I really want to come to your house for a party! haha! Great job!

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