Potting Table Turned Serving Station

Outdoors Garden 02.01.15
So today I played on our back patio. Remember my Potting Bench I got lost summer? Well this year I decided to turn it into a Beverage Serving Station. I've been seeing so many awesome ideas in Blogland lately. So here is my version...
I spray painted an old frame white
and added a fake boxwood wreath for the wall
I found the adorable Bunny Art at a Spring
Bazaar, and you all know how much
we love Bunnies around here ... lol
Some close-ups
Some close-ups
Some close-ups
napkins, straws and outdoor wine glasses
are from World Market
uhhh and I also got these 3 paper lanterns
at World Market today
they add some more fun to the patio!

To see more: http://littlebrags.blogspot.com/2014/06/outdoor-serving-station.html

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  • Michele Eures
    Michele Eures Conowingo, MD
    Great idea! Your deck looks very inviting. Love those paper lanterns.
  • Mcgypsy9
    Mcgypsy9 Mooresville, NC
    It certainly does look inviting! I love the potting bench so much, I think I am going to duplicate it! OH and I also love that you made that potting bench into a serving area!
  • Mcgypsy9
    Mcgypsy9 Mooresville, NC
    Well...funny thing is, I have a girlfriend who is from Germany and goes home about twice a year. I will have to show this to her and see if she can find it. I will check the WM and HL though as I frequent both of those. I know I have seen something
  • Wheelbarrow Cottage
    I love it - the bunny picture is SO cute! I really want to come to your house for a party! haha! Great job!
Christine @ Little Brags