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A Tour of My Craft Shed...While It's Organized!

My girl's playhouse has now graduated to my craft shed. This is where I organize and store all of my crafting potential! I didn't want to buy any organizers, so I had to get creative with how to use the things I already had to create organization!
It is busting at the seams with crafting potential! And the good thing is...I can see all of it now!
An old baker's rack with baskets houses all of my wreath making supplies.
This ladder now is the home for all of my ribbons. I even added a nail to the side of the ladder so that I could easily find my scissors.
Baskets and dishes group like items such as upholstery tacks and pickets.
Glass vases in the window sills hold rocks, marbles, spools and dominos.
Shelves with pegs can hold countless items!
This craft shed is a joy to work in! Now if I can just keep it this organized...

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