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Succulent Orb Experiment

Ever tried replicating one of many inspiring photos, either here on Hometalk or Pinterest, only to have it NOT turn out as planned? You know, that "nailed it!" moment, right? Well, I pinned a photo of a succulent orb a year ago and finally got around to trying it. Come see how, when inspiration strikes, it turns out to be a slightly different version, but still works out anyway. Step-by-step process for how I tried my hand at a succulent orb with blog link below....
With a little digging on the originally pinned site's content, which reviews the book from which this idea comes, "Succulent Container Gardens", by Debra Lee Baldwin, I found comments giving how-to instruction ideas (not necessarily the author's prescription).
  • succulent orb experiment, container gardening, flowers, gardening, succulents
I found the 10" hanging baskets at the Dollar Tree (without the liners), so then planned a trip to Lowe's to scout other supplies.
  • succulent orb experiment, container gardening, flowers, gardening, succulents
Succulents are expensive, at $3.98 for a 3" container at Lowe's. I checked the orphan rack - none there. I found two succulent containers, without prices. They each had 7-9 of the 3" succulents arranged inside (which would've been $28-$36 for each, or $56-$72 total). The manager got on the computer and made two tags for me - $9.98 each - BOOM - $19.96 total!
I gathered some cactus soil and a 14" basket liner that I decided to cut to 10" (none of those were to be found, either, but I still had the one from last year's purchase). Total money investment, with tax: $30 (including baskets from Dollar Tree).
I cut my liner, and filled each of the hanging baskets with the soil. I used the entire bag, packed it down, then soaked it, as the reader comment on the original pin site suggested.
After aligning the baskets into an orb, I slid the bag out from between the two, and connect the baskets. I used twist ties (didn't have those plastic, self-adjusting ties).
The directions said to then cut X's into the liner, and place the succulents into the orb / ball. Easier said than done. It was more like cutting and stuffing, trying not to sever the succulents into the orb. I used one entire container's worth of plants, and still had space on my upper half of the orb. Not to be discouraged, I spaced what I had of the one container on the upper half.
Lol, my 'orb' looks nothing much like the Pinterest inspiration! For now, I've decided to leave the basket orb as it is, and come back to it once the succulents have a chance to take better root. Then, maybe I can flip the ball and hang it upside down and work right side up with the side now untouched. I like the hanging basket, and I still have an untouched container that I can leave as is, or use to fill the other side of the orb later on.

To see more: http://wvpanoply.blogspot.com/2014/06/succulent-orb-nailed-it.html

Got a question about this project?

  • Brenda Petersen Bostick

    Maybe if you fill the center with packing peanuts or other Styrofoam it would help with the weight.

  • Ann Parker
    Ann Parker Canada

    how do you keep it over the winter

    • Rita C. - Panoply
      Rita C. - Panoply Charleston, WV

      Hi Ann. I kept it in a sunroom where it was avg 65 degrees, with good natural light streaming in. I watered it once a month. It did great, and even grew. (See my photos in thus msg thread for Jan status). Thanks for your interest!

  • Ann Parker
    Ann Parker Canada

    thank you

  • Christine Linden
    Christine Linden Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Succulents propagate very easily, you can pinch a few leaves off & set in soil. They will root & you will have plenty of free plants to add to your orb. Looks great btw. Good job :)

    • Rita C. - Panoply
      Rita C. - Panoply Charleston, WV

      @Christine Linden , thank you, and that's a great idea. I've actually already started a few rooting by the accidental leaves that fell off with moving, watering etc. My main problem with this, as you can see, is that I started off with less than

  • Katherine.mathews

    May not look like the Pinterest orb but it's beautiful and the best thing is you made it

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