Pottery Barn Inspired #Patriotic Burlap Stars

Arts & Crafts 07.08.15
I loved some folded burlap stars I saw on the Pottery Barn website. But at $30/each I knew I had to make my own version.
Using burlap, hot glue and a spray starch I was able to get the EXACT look for a fraction of the cost.
I actually ended up making more than a half dozen of them.. I can't get enough.
Fan style folded flowers/stars made from burlap, spray starch and hot glue.
Cut burlap into strips (However wide you want the star to be, the burlap should be half as wide and 4x as long.. or a length to width ratio of 1:8)
Here is what the finished strip looked like for one of mine.
Fold and iron your strip of burlap back and forth (like you would make a paper fan) spraying with spray starch as you go)
Using hot glue attach the ends together along the fold line
Make sure you use a big blob of glue in the center in order to maintain the flower/star shape
You can add a small disc of burlap to cover the center if the unfinished edges look too rough
And there you have it.. a bunch of burlap "flowers" or (as Pottery Barn calls them) Stars!

To see more: http://www.thekimsixfix.com/2014/06/patriotic-burlap-stars-pottery-barn.html

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