Pottery Barn Inspired #Patriotic Burlap Stars

Patriotic 03.13.16
I loved some folded burlap stars I saw on the Pottery Barn website. But at $30/each I knew I had to make my own version.
Using burlap, hot glue and a spray starch I was able to get the EXACT look for a fraction of the cost.
I actually ended up making more than a half dozen of them.. I can't get enough.
HERE IS THE FULL TUTORIAL AND REVEAL: http://www.thekimsixfix.com/2014/06/patriotic-burlap-stars-pottery-barn.html
painting the burlap strips
See the reveal here: http://www.thekimsixfix.com/2014/06/patriotic-burlap-stars-pottery-barn.html

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