Fun Side Table Ideas You Can Make!

teresa 03.25.15
I love a good, sturdy side table, a place to put a cool drink or a hot cup a coffee and a fantastic book. I rounded up some of my favorites that I have created, all made from repurposed, reclaimed materials. Check them out for a little inspiration and then create your own!
Side tables need to be small enough to sit next to a chair, sturdy enough to hold up in case someone needs to do a little dancing, and unique enough to suit YOU!
i used a magnetic game board for this table top.
Sanding revealed several layers of paint on this cupboard door turned table top.
I replaced the glass in these garage sale tables with colorful wood.
A drawer turned side table provides great storage.
Barnwood added to an overhead projector cart created an industrial style table.
Inspired by pallets, this table gives you a great place to store books and magazines.
A washtub is a unique table idea.
Add a round table top to a stoll base to make a simple side table.
Scrap wood cretaes a colorful, sturdy end table.

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