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DIY Greenhouse With Hog Panels

A quick and relatively inexpensive Greenhouse made from Hog Panels. We will cover it with clear plastic when the weather starts to turn cold to extend the garden season and attempt to grow more into the winter.
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We made this greenhouse/hoop house about 15 feet long. Boards secured to the ground with stakes form the base and we just slipped the ends of the Hog Panels (16' x 5') within them.
  • greenhouse hog panels how to, diy, gardening
We tied them together with wire.
  • greenhouse hog panels how to, diy, gardening
Come time, just before snow falls we shall shore up the center top to withstand the weight of any snow. I will make some compost bins to have inside to help produce heat.
  • greenhouse hog panels how to, diy, gardening
I am tying up the tomatoes, green beans and cucumbers directly to the panels. I am so hoping this helps to get things started sooner next Spring as well as extend my season on this Fall! I will be sure and update everyone. To see more just click on over to my website/blog.

To see more: http://www.flowerpatchfarmhouse.com/extend-your-garden-season-with-a-diy-greenhouse/

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  • Melody Drinkwater Wagner

    Nice! I'd like to grow some vines for a kids play tunnel.

    • Flower Patch Farmhouse

      @Melody Drinkwater Wagner It would be great for that, my green beans are nearly to the top already.

  • Coco
    Coco Houston, TX

    Fantastic! ! What a brilliant idea.

    • Flower Patch Farmhouse

      @Coco So far so good. The test will come when we cover it with plastic come late Fall and see how it does under snow.

  • The Garden Frog with C Renee

    Great idea.

  • Bob
    Bob Bulgaria

    not sure you compost bin will heat that area but a manure pile will ,then after winter you can fork it into the ground.

  • Lannie25

    I've grown Pineapples in a greenhouse made of hog panels for years!

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