Fire Pit Deck

Back Yard 12.27.14
We are putting the finishing touches on this paver deck. We made the chairs out of pallets. The fire pit table top was also made from pallets. We love the idea of being able to convert the fire pit into a table when it is not in use. The bench seating was made from left over materials that we used to make a retaining wall in the front of our house. I am looking forward to adding the finishing touches and being able to enjoy conversation around a cozy fire during cooler weather.
  • Deb B
    This is beautiful!
  • Abc
    abc New York, NY
    love fire pits in the backyard. how much did it cost to setup?
  • Karen K
    Karen K Jacksonville, FL
    Well basically it was built with leftover materials...the pavers were left over from having the driveway done and the chairs and fire pit top were built out of free pallets that were laying behind my husband's office. Very economical :-)
  • Tracy B
    Tracy B Lebanon, MO
    I knew those pallets could make chairs!!! Great Job!
  • Catherine S
    Catherine S New Braunfels, TX
    I would love to see how you made those chairs. Could you post a larger picture of them?
  • Karen K
    Karen K Jacksonville, FL
    Yes I will post a larger picture of the chairs.
  • Kathi Q
    Kathi Q Simi Valley, CA
    Very nice. Would it be possible to see a larger picture of the table - thank you.
  • Karen K
    Karen K Jacksonville, FL
    Here is a closer pic of the table. @Katherine..I put a pic of the chair on my site. Just discovered I could post pics right here.
  • Donna C
    Donna C Manchester, NH
    Great job with pallets. Really practical and absolutely lovely.
  • Catherine S
    Catherine S New Braunfels, TX
    I LOVE it--saw it on your site!! I know it's a pain, but if you have a picture of the back, I'd love to see how it's constructed all around. Thank you!!
  • Don R
    Don R Marietta, GA
    Is the base of the fire pit just the pavers?
  • Becky H
    Becky H Tampa, FL
    Good thinking and planning, particularly by building a table top for the fire pit for use of that area year round!
  • Douglas Hunt
    Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
    Having a top for the fire pit is so smart. Gives you much more use of a very handsome space.
  • Dee W
    Dee W Rock Creek, OH
    The cover to the fire pit is a great idea-not just for alternate uses but to keep rain out as well as being aesthetically pleasing to the eye when no fire is lit. Love all your greenery, too. Beautiful!
  • Debi M
    Debi M Washington, NC
    What a wonderful way to repupose. I love when people use their imagination instead f just rushing out to buy stuff. Keeps our world cleaner and sparks the imagination
Karen K