$150 Greenhouse

cool dec ideas 6 days ago
Here is the greenhouse my husband made out of very inexpensive pine. It would have been cheaper had he not used so many screws haha!
  • Here is the outside of the completed greenhouse. It not rests on our back porch. We have a light we run into it but so far... we havent needed to use it.
  • Here is the inside of the completed greenhouse. Those were a few of our garden starts. We live in Oregon and the weather has not been crop friendly the past few years.
  • Here is the initial frame. We built it in the front yard and moved it to the back.
  • Kathryn Botard
    Kathryn Botard Sheridan, TX
    What size wood did you use for framing? I really love this, looks easy to make and would be just what I need for Texas winters.
  • Kala Professional Restoration services
    Truly both of you are doing an exceptional job towards betterment of our environment by building green house & saving crops from excess rainfall or heat. Hats off to your initiative towards saving our future generation from devastation.
  • Jon Guthrie
    Jon Guthrie Lawrenceburg, TN
    HI, do you have any printed plans from the greenhouse project that might help me? Love it!!
  • Cornelia Schott
    Cornelia Schott Cranberry Twp, PA
    Did you secure this to the ground to keep the wind from blowing it over? Happy growing!
  • Susan Brown
    Susan Brown Tampa, FL
    You will thank him for using that many screws when a big gust of wind comes along, provided he attached it to the ground too.