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  • Jon Guthrie
    Jon Guthrie Lawrenceburg, TN

    HI, do you have any printed plans from the greenhouse project that might help me? Love it!!

  • Cornelia Schott
    Cornelia Schott Cranberry Twp, PA

    Did you secure this to the ground to keep the wind from blowing it over? Happy growing!

  • Susan Brown
    Susan Brown Tampa, FL

    You will thank him for using that many screws when a big gust of wind comes along, provided he attached it to the ground too.

  • Tlindsey1969
    Tlindsey1969 Dallas, GA

    Great job,,my husband has been thinking about doing this,,,,looks simple

  • Tlindsey1969
    Tlindsey1969 Dallas, GA

    He was actually thinking about doing it with pvc pipes

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