• Jyn
    Jyn Portland, OR
    Oregon weather is just mostly wet. It maybe snows for a week on a heavy winter year, but for the most part the thick plastic is what it is (for us) given the fact we dont want it permanent.
  • KMS Woodworks
    KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
    When I had my greenhouse the plastic would degrade from exposure to the sun's UV light...this would weaken it and the wind would cause it to tear. I could only get one season out of the plastic....and at $60 bucks a roll there would have been some long
  • Marg C
    Marg C Middletown, NY
    I wonder if you could use the poly panels by hanging them on hooks and securing them with a clasp at the bottom (or something like that) to make it portable and easily disassembled. You could work something out like that. I love it, and your hubby did
  • Sherrie S
    Sherrie S Debary, FL
    I just want a little greenhouse in Florida for orchids. Everything I looked at on the internet was not what I wanted. Your posting is so inspiring I think we can do it.
  • Marie Mealy
    Marie Mealy Warren, OH
    wer do a lot of what they call here is junking wood is my favorite thing when we find it we will ask and many times they just put on curbs and u are allowed to pick it up but if we get from a business we always ask first we also dont leave a mess behind
  • LInda Pemberton
    LInda Pemberton Pflugerville, TX
    There are a lot of projects using pallets. Hmmm. You can get those free off Craigslist. It would at least creat the flooring......
    • LInda Pemberton
      LInda Pemberton Pflugerville, TX
      LInda Pemberton The Pembertons I'm related to (married in and divorced out...) are from the Iowa/Missouri area. There Is an area in Austin called Pemberton Heights. Beautiful
  • Marie Mealy
    Marie Mealy Warren, OH
    thank u its just right
  • Rosemary Gualtiere
    Iinda Pemberton hi where r u from? I have Kin with the same last name.
  • Vanita F
    Vanita F Hallsville, TX
    what did U use for heating and what climate do U live in?
  • Corvera Outdoor Living By Design
    Nice!!! Heads up the plastic you use will dry out with weather very fast so I would do a second and third rapping, and the bulb will get very hot it self and not enough heat Home Depot or Walmart will have some small heater.... I love your husband
  • Kathryn Botard
    Kathryn Botard Sheridan, TX
    What size wood did you use for framing? I really love this, looks easy to make and would be just what I need for Texas winters.
  • Kala Professional Restoration services
    Truly both of you are doing an exceptional job towards betterment of our environment by building green house & saving crops from excess rainfall or heat. Hats off to your initiative towards saving our future generation from devastation.
  • Jon Guthrie
    Jon Guthrie Lawrenceburg, TN
    HI, do you have any printed plans from the greenhouse project that might help me? Love it!!
  • Cornelia Schott
    Cornelia Schott Cranberry Twp, PA
    Did you secure this to the ground to keep the wind from blowing it over? Happy growing!
  • Susan Brown
    Susan Brown Tampa, FL
    You will thank him for using that many screws when a big gust of wind comes along, provided he attached it to the ground too.