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We will be tearing out and re-doing the front beds in a few months when we replace our basement windows. I have never been happy with the overall look of the front but especially the R. side (pic#1.) The driveway is on that side and we have an additional spot for parking in front of the house (you can see the edge of a truck in the pic.) I feel like there needs to be vertical interest but am at a loss. This area is on the South side and gets the late day sun (starting at around 4 'til sunset). How would you continue or incorporate your idea into the left..I'm anal about symmetry. By the way, Hubs does not like bushes and any tree ideas need to be less than 6ft.
  • Dave M
    Dave M Virginia Beach, VA
    I would come out from the house and put in a grouping of River Birch trees, 2 on one side of walk and 1 on the other. You will be amazed at how fast they grow!!!
  • Sara D
    Sara D Frankfort, IN
    A lot of good ideas here and I know this has nothing to do with landscaping, but regardless of what you do I think shutters on the three windows on the taller oart of the house would help!!
  • Sherrie S
    Sherrie S Oklahoma City, OK
    You can put up trellises in the front and put different types of roses and then put down some money grass in front of the roses, it will make it look like the house is floating on the grass....you can add some small plants in other areas...take away the
  • Lifetime Services, LLC
    Lifetime Services, LLC Orange Park, FL
    I like a stepped look, with stone retainer walls.

    Michael Anderson

  • 360 Sod (Donna Dixson)
    You really need to add something that will tie the two very different sides of the house together, like a raised deck (maybe two feet off the ground?) front porch, centered to door I think , then plant low growing shrubs in front. You can still have
  • Robin D
    Robin D Houston, TX
    The maples would be great or cherry trees- they don't get to tall.Crepe myrtles would also be beautiful- they come in red, pink, coral, purple and white. You need shutters on the windows as the front looks too plain. I also like the front porch idea-
  • Dawn T
    Dawn T Asheville, NC
    I think shutters on the windows to the right, along with bringing out a landing a little would do wonders.
  • Ilse J
    Ilse J Glasford, IL
    i would also add shutters
  • Barb M
    Barb M Brockway, PA
    COLOR..try adding a flower boxes to the larger windows on the right (as I look at the pic). Then fill with seasonal colot
  • Sue M
    Sue M High Springs, FL
    cloth awnings over windows
  • Lori K
    Lori K Monroe, NY
    I would plant a Butterfly Bush in the center of the windows to attract butterflies & hummingbirds....then I would bring out the porch, add a trellis on each side and plant a variety of colors of Clematis on each side...
  • Christy M
    Christy M Alpharetta, GA
    how about a japanese maple on the right side? you could do a full one (gets about 6ft) on the right and it would actally balance out the visual of the landing/patio and flag pole on the left.
  • Dee W
    Dee W Rock Creek, OH
    Carroll, all good ideas and appreciate your input. Are you talking to the right of the house?-that is our driveway which butts right to the foundation. We just recently needed to get rid of a pine tree that was in front of the porch and a large maple
  • Carroll A
    Carroll A Coos Bay, OR
    I think the beds are very nice as they are. But I do agree with you as to needing something with a little height. Not necessarily in the flower beds maybe in the yard next to the house. Do you have room for some kind of flowering tree? Or even a
  • Dee W
    Dee W Rock Creek, OH
    Actually it is an enclosed porch on the left-we are currently working on converting it over to be used year round: meaning heat and electric with some real walls.
Dee W

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