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Make A DIY Butterfly Feeder In 6 Easy Steps

Encourage butterflies to visit your yard and pollinate your plants by making a butterfly feeder. It's easy! You'll need: A small jar (a mason jar or a baby food jar will work), hammer and nails, string, a sponge, sugar, water and construction paper.
The first few steps are below the photo, but for the full tutorial, visit: http://blog.brightnest.com/2012/06/24/attract-butterflies-by-making-a-diy-butterfly-feeder/
  • Sue
    Sue Coolidge, AZ

    Thanks Henry J. for the good info.

  • Debbie Maree Greer
    Debbie Maree Greer Rock Hill, SC

    Glad I read the comments.No sugar

  • Lesley
    Lesley Mohrsville, PA

    Actually a saucer or pie plate filled with water, plus a rock for a resting area is fine. I also dissolve a small amount of salt as they need this in their diet.

  • Elaine Derstine

    such good ideas & hints

  • Nancydotslash

    I've heard that honey is not good so if sugar is a no-no what? Too many differing opinions.

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