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Paper Bag Floor

When we bought our home, there were way more home improvement projects than we had money in the budget for. So, we lived with things until, little by little we could fix them. I hated our dining room. Gross carpet. Searching the internet one day I came across a post about paper bag floors. Thinking it couldn't be any worse than what we had, we went for it. It turned out amazing. Over 2 years later it still looks great.
Looking at the photo, you would never know it was just paper, glue and stain. It has a rich leather look and is super durable.
We used two rolls of plain brown wrapping paper, and elmer's glue. Our biggest expense was the poly since we wanted to make sure that it stayed durable.
After prepping our floor, we tore brown paper into chunks, wadded it up to break the paper fibers and the soaked it in our glue mixture. A little messy, but so worth it in the end.
Then came the creative part. We squeezed out the excess glue and smoothed the paper onto the prepared floor like a big patchwork quilt. The wrinkles in the paper and the slight finish difference between the sides of paper added to the interest.
We let the floor dry for a few days and then used old rags to add a rich stain and bring out more of the detail. Several coats of poly to seal it and we have an inexpensive floor solution that looks like a million bucks and holds up to our family!

To see more: http://www.fortheloveoflillian.com/2012/03/paper-bag-floor.html

  • Tangiela Helem Mason
    Tangiela Helem Mason Fayetteville, GA

    Awesome! Did you just apply it straight to the plywood subfloor? What about sanding or prep work?

  • Remodelnewbie
    Remodelnewbie Huntington, IN

    I am interested in trying this with my countertops, any suggestions??

    • Foundaroundvintage

      Omg, brilliant idea! I'm going to try it on a scrap piece of discarded countertop!!!

  • Lydia clear
    Lydia clear Angola, NY

    What about furniture? wouldn't paper rip? Even walking it can't last long. I would try it on on a wall.I would hate to do all that work for a day before it rips.

  • Toni Roberts
    Toni Roberts Grangeville, ID

    I did this technique to cover the wallpaper in our powder room. I used tissue paper, tore off the straight edges. Basically, using a paint roller, I rolled on a light coat of the glue/water solution,then also using the roller, applied the damp

  • Lezlie
    Lezlie Bristol, IN

    You may consider applying more than 6-7 coats of poly. My floors, that I did 2 years ago, wrinkled when I had a washer overflow issue in my laundry area. Good luck and be sure to let us know how it turns out!

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