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Pool House and Outdoor Living Project

Awesome Remodels 02.09.14
The scope of work focused on Outdoor Living and the Pool House. The goal was to bring certain elements of the outdoor environment into harmony and "compliance" with the home, its neighborhood and re-sale
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  • Julie M
    Julie M Daytona Beach, FL
    wow i can only dream my house is 800 square feet i work at subway and take care of my mother-in-law. The one thing i have always dreamed is a house big enough to have over family for dinner and a pool
  • Peggy C
    Peggy C Evans, GA
    We had a pool in our last 2 homes.Wish we could do it again.
  • The Space Between
    The Space Between Key West, FL
    What a wonderful space! A true backyard sanctuary!
  • Marg C
    Marg C Middletown, NY
    this is a dream. I like the pic of the bathroom. I like the way the black tile wraps around the bathroom floor.
  • Marg C
    Marg C Middletown, NY
    um just realized this is just the pool house and not the actual home. sheeesh....to dreeeeammm
  • Priscilla E
    Priscilla E Mount Vernon, IN
    This reminds me of a romantic movie and the perfect place to sit and breaath..... wow
  • Priscilla E
    Priscilla E Mount Vernon, IN
    Can we see a picture of the house too. Thanks Hot in Evansville IN 105
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