Garden Decor

For the Garden 07.26.15
Well, I just about have everything I need for my french door green house. The French doors are at my friends house the 2 paneled doors are waiting across the street. I had two loads of cedar donated to my cause along with an old garden gate frame. I was given 3 pallets and now I am just waiting for a few sunny days in a row to get out there and build it. Oh yea, I had two cast iron sinks given to me too. They are a little smaller then what I wanted, But Hey ! ! ! can't look those gift horses in the mouth


  • Mine will probably look like this but I prefer the other one. Will have to wait and see how good I am at construction. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. Heh
  • This is what I really want it to look like but with the back closed in
  • Windows and 2 cast iron sinks
  • And one supervisor.
  • Charmaine
    Charmaine Nashville, TN
    Like them both but the second one seems so inviting.
  • V Valencia
    V Valencia Downey, CA
    So cool!
  • Starr Durrant
    I'm in love!
  • Andrea
    Andrea John Day, OR
    Don't know what I like best, the potting shed or old door vignette...I want to make both!
  • Msimpson45
    msimpson45 Schertz, TX
    Lordy,lordy! My HOA would have a kniption fit if I had a pile like that! If you want someone to treat you like a complete idiot, move into an HOA community. They don't believe in creativity. Just a word to the wise. They don't want anything outside
Jan M