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Gardening 05.13.16
Well, I just about have everything I need for my french door green house. The French doors are at my friends house the 2 paneled doors are waiting across the street. I had two loads of cedar donated to my cause along with an old garden gate frame. I was given 3 pallets and now I am just waiting for a few sunny days in a row to get out there and build it. Oh yea, I had two cast iron sinks given to me too. They are a little smaller then what I wanted, But Hey ! ! ! can't look those gift horses in the mouth

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  • Msimpson45
    msimpson45 Schertz, TX
    Lordy,lordy! My HOA would have a kniption fit if I had a pile like that! If you want someone to treat you like a complete idiot, move into an HOA community. They don't believe in creativity. Just a word to the wise. They don't want anything outside
  • Jan G Janson
    Just love it . Gave me a good feeling and some ideas fore my own garden . Thanks .
  • Marlene Teora
    Marlene Teora Boron, CA
    I am starting my garden.
  • Shaye Anglin
    Shaye Anglin Cordova, TN
    Bout to start one myself out of French doors, recycled wood, and antique windows. Curious about my construction skills as well, but excited about the project. Good luck to us both !!
  • Jan M
    Jan M Toledo, OR
    Well, unfortunately, we moved before I could get the entire thing built and had to unbuild it. Not as much fun as building it. I was able to find others that needed and wanted the materials I had.
Jan M