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  • Dee W Rock Creek, OH
    Shelving turned out really nice and it is out of the way. No bumping and no splatters. ?-where are the tooth brushes and toilet paper?
  • Wendy W Milford, OH
    Thanks! The bottom shelf sits high enough that it doesn't get bumped or splattered on (I hope...my son does have pretty bad aim sometimes!). The toilet paper is in the basket on the top shelf. The toothbrushes & toothpaste are in the shell bowl on the
  • Dee W Rock Creek, OH
    You sure do-excellent job!
  • The Space Between Key West, FL
    So, so awesome! Heading to the blog for a closer look. :)
  • Wendy W Milford, OH
  • Elizabeth Easley, SC
    The drawback that I see is that ea. time the toilet is flushed--w/out the lid down, germs are sprayed everywhere in the room, including all the items on the shelves. We don't keep our toothbrushes in the bathrooms for that reason. The shelves do look
  • Judy Anstess Fresno, CA
    I would look on Ebay or Etsy and find some really neat medium sizes sea shells and glue them around that beautiful mirror too.