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We needed a space to store bathroom supplies, such as extra toilet paper, toothbrushes, & hair accessories in our tiny powder room. We used the space above the toilet to create floating shelves to hold all the necessities.
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We began by making wooden braces & nailing them into the wall.
Then we cut some finished plywood for the shelves & my husband used a router to create the cap for the front of the shelves. Depending on how think you want the shelves, you could probably use a piece of trellis wood for the end.
Next, we installed the top & bottoms of the shelves by nailing them to the braces. Finally, we nailed the fronts to the shelves.
Floating shelves provide lots of storage in a tiny bathroom.

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  • Shelly Dabichan
    Shelly Dabichan Lawton, OK
    I love these shelves and wondered how they were done!!! I am so doing these in my small master bath as soon as I get the chance. Probably this summer!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!
  • Wendy W
    Wendy W Milford, OH
    Thanks! Glad you found this helpful!
  • MelBrandle
    MelBrandle Australia
    These are the kind of storage solutions that I would like people to see – easy DIY storage solutions that does not involve atrocious costs! There are also a number of DIYs in pinterest that you could do at home, ranging from making mason jars look
  • Debi53
    debi53 Broadway, NC
    You did a beautiful job on these. Not only functional, but so attractive in your bath.
  • Cmackay1
    Cmackay1 Andover, MA
    Very nice!!! But I don't see any TP, tooth brushes, hair accessories which was the purpose of the shelf.
Wendy W