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Tera Cotta Water Fountain.

Found this idea on here and tried it out.. Love it..Easy to do.

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  • Hewitt Remodeling Services LLC
    Hewitt Remodeling... Virginia Beach, VA

    Very cool...well done..:)

  • Alexis W
    Alexis W East Brunswick, NJ

    thanks..my Husband really made it with my design..we are a good team.

  • Jan M
    Jan M Toledo, OR

    Oh great, will have to give it a try. Did you need to condition the pots before you put it together so that they wouldn't deteriorate? .

  • Alexis W
    Alexis W East Brunswick, NJ

    We didn't condition the pots but I will be putting it away for the winter, You might want to condition them..good luck it is nice hearing it..

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