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painting glass

this is an easy project to use up extra paint you have, and give a new life to a glass vase! put some paint in the vase and swirl it around. let it dry. more info at the link below

Ask the creator about this project

  • Dee W
    Dee W Senecaville, OH
    on Jul 5, 2012

    wonderful how you see what you like and turn it into something you love. others may have passed the vase because it wasn't tinted.(guess they did and it was waiting for you)

  • Thistlewood
    Thistlewood Grand Rivers, KY
    on Jul 5, 2012

    Dani, What a fun idea! I have several glass vases I need to use for this project!

  • Peace Painting Co., Inc.
    Peace Painting Co., Inc. Alpharetta, GA
    on Jul 5, 2012

    From ordinary to original. Nice project Daniela. Along that line, this customer requested their crystal light painted.

  • Bernice H
    Bernice H Woodburn, OR
    on Dec 14, 2012

    oh gasp! @Peace Painting Co., Inc. I sooo want a chandelier with CRYSTALS not like this! I am sure someone thinks it is great, and for them it may be, but I see crystals in there just wanting to shine!!!! Again it is nice, different, but oh dear...

  • Peace Painting Co., Inc.
    Peace Painting Co., Inc. Alpharetta, GA
    on Dec 17, 2012

    Perhaps they didn't want to think about having to keep it cleaned ;-D

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