Turning a tomato cage into a chandelier

I knew we "needed" a chandelier for the pergola my dear sweet husband got me for Mother's Day but where could I find what I wanted.... it had to be made of old materials and crystals. A quick trip through the garage reminded me that we had a stack of old tomato cages which had not been put to use as of yet. In fact my original purpose for them was to set them in our old cement planters upside down and drape them in tiny Christmas lights for the winter. Well here it was early summer and they still sat.... old, slightly bent from years of use and just the perfect patina!

Inspiration struck.

The ends were cut down with bolt cutter and bent over to form the top. A spool of old wire was woven in and out around the body to form a cage of sorts. More wire was added to the top for reinforcement. Old crystals and yard sale beads were wired on. The hanging fixture (available at Lowe's) was screwed in place, spray painted to blend in and then the fixture was hung under the protective covering of our pergola. An Edison bulb was added to further enhance the aged appearance. The cord was plugged in, the switch was "thrown"... instant

  • Peggy W
    Peggy W Kokomo, IN
    Lacia, sorry to disappoint you but that is not a retractable awning. It is a gazebo which we put up each summer. When not in use we disassemble it and store in the shed. Trust me I would love to have an awning but I am not sure how it would hold up with
  • Julie Moyna
    Julie Moyna Newhall, CA
    Brilliant! "Honey, I have to go get tomato cages"! Lol
  • Rick Boyd
    not my style....looks terrible
  • Susan
    Susan Bellingham, WA
    Very artsy and unique! Love things like this. It's so great when people get creative with items that are meant to be used for something else. Nice job.
  • Barbara R
    Barbara R Houghton Lake, MI
    I would continue to add "ornaments", maybe some colors...sea glass? tiny mirrors?...anything that has transparency or reflective qualities...it looks a little neglected right now. :) Go crazy!
    • Peggy W
      Peggy W Kokomo, IN
      Barbara Rodgers I really wish I could have gotten a good night time picture. The crystals really pick up the light and it simply sparkles!
  • Jeanne behne
    Jeanne behne Knoxville, TN
    Love this like it is!!!!
  • Debbie
    Debbie Meridianville, AL
    I'd leave it just like it is! This looks great!!
  • Brenda De Lair
    I think it looks awesome. Good job!
  • Karen
    Karen Columbus, OH
    This is one of the best things I have seen on Hometalk!!! Looks so simply elegant!!!! VERY well done !!!!
  • Angela Carrera
    Angela Carrera Beachwood, NJ
    I love it.
  • Stephanie
    Stephanie Roanoke, VA
    I love it and going to try and make 1 for the outside
  • Yvonne
    Yvonne Canada
    perfect, stealing it!
  • Dee - A Lapin Life
    This is so creative!
  • Jean Luby
    Jean Luby Canada
    What imagination you have!! Tomato cage of all things. I already have crystals from an old chandelier that I will now use. This will go on my back porch, have been trying to figure out what kind of fixture would cover the hanging light bulb. Can't wait
  • Jean Luby
    Jean Luby Canada
    I don't know how I would attach it to the light bulb part as both ends of the cage are open.
    • Peggy W
      Peggy W Kokomo, IN
      Jean Luby When we started both ends of this tomato cage were open as well. I cut off the very bottom row and then bent the stays in to form the top of the "shade." After that I took
Peggy W