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An Old Ladder Re-purposed as a Bed Canopy

I've always dreamed of having a canopy bed...somewhere along the way it switched from "pink and frilly" to "neutral and junky". I am very happy with how it turned out.

My engineer husband very securely attached the brackets to the walls and the old ladder to the brackets...no worries :) Then I draped 2 matching painters drop cloths over 2 of the rungs of the ladder. That's it...easy!

More photos and info at...


Thnanks for taking a peek!!

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  • Love this idea! The ladder makes a great canopy, and I adore the printed book pages! Lovely!!
  • Miriam I New York, NY
    This is such a cool idea, I love it!
  • Thank you ladies :)
  • Laurel - this is stellar! What a fabulous way to reuse an old ladder (which i have a few lying around). Pinning this to Hometalk's board!
  • Oh my word... this is totally amazing Laurel! So in love! The room is just gorgeous!! This one will go viral in no time!
  • Heather R Allentown, PA
    Love love love this!!!!
  • Kathy Elizabeth Charleston, SC
    Gorgeous !
  • Marcia M Melbourne Beach, FL
    I specifically love the piece hanging over the head of the bed '4 ever and ever, AMEN!' Very clever!
  • What Meegan Makes Las Vegas, NV
    Hi Laurel!! I am featuring your "headboard" tomorrow, Feb 1st on my "Friday Fave Pins"!! I hope you will stop by for a visit soon!!
  • Thanks Meegan!!
  • What Meegan Makes Las Vegas, NV
    I seriously fell in love with this!
  • Oh my goodness.....LOVE your JUNK!!!!
  • This is wonderful, looks peaceful and restful and like the signage too.
  • Thanks ladies!!