An Old Ladder Re-purposed as a Bed Canopy

DIY 04.27.16
I've always dreamed of having a canopy bed...somewhere along the way it switched from "pink and frilly" to "neutral and junky". I am very happy with how it turned out.

My engineer husband very securely attached the brackets to the walls and the old ladder to the worries :) Then I draped 2 matching painters drop cloths over 2 of the rungs of the ladder. That's it...easy!

More photos and info at...

Thnanks for taking a peek!!

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  • Pamelasb1960
    pamelasb1960 Farmington, MI
    I love your "original design" style,, I may need to borrow this idea as I am inspiring to open a Bed & Breakfast in the future. Thanks for sharing of your talents :)
  • Wendy Johnson
    Wendy Johnson Niles, MI
    You got rid of most of the dust catching people complain about ! Love it! And your picture too. I confess I could see it with a plain door headboard. Not that I am capable of doing that. Thanks for sharing
  • Alanda
    Alanda Kalispell, MT
    One of the best ideas ever. I am so going to use it.
  • Kathleen Sozzi
    Kathleen Sozzi Auburn, NY
    LOVE this idea for a canopy..........but I would drape the fabric like you have it over the bracket to hide it ;-)
  • Lindalovie55
    Lindalovie55 United Kingdom
    I bought 4 metal brackets with metal rings attached screwed to ceiling at position of directly above bed corners.started at one end and fed voiles through rings up then down across to other end till you have done all four corners. prices depend on
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