Check out this coat hanger I made out of old cabinet doors!

window table 7 days ago
I needed something that would hold up while looking great and not putting two million holes in my walls... this is what I came up with!

  • this is the final product! I love the color and the use of vintage door knobs as hooks!!!
  • Dana Shuster
    Dana Shuster San Antonio, TX
    I did something similar in my powder room. The towel rack kept coming off the wall and repairs were just causing more holes in the drywall, so I quit trying to put up a towel rack. In my state we call it "back up ten and punt."
  • Tracy Staver Costello
    Tracy Staver Costello Ridgeville, IN
    love this idea
  • ShirleyB
    ShirleyB Clovis, CA
    Jaime K - how did you attach them to the wall? with a picture hanger or mirror hanger?
  • Marjorie
    Marjorie Canada
    I love these, great job! How did you attach them to the wall?
  • Sandy
    Sandy Sterling Heights, MI
    Very cool idea
Jaime K