Check out this coat hanger I made out of old cabinet doors!

Upcycle 04.20.16
I needed something that would hold up while looking great and not putting two million holes in my walls... this is what I came up with!

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  • Vickie Porter Daniels
    Love this idea.. Craft maid sent 2 replacement doors for my new cabinets which were the wrong size... Now I know what to do with them.. Thank you!!
  • Davisjackie268
    great idea. I have about 5 different cabinet doors (that are brand new) never hung. They were left overs from someone else's project. I didn't want them thrown out so I kept them and now I know what I can do with them. It would be great gifts for people too
  • Kirsty Merrell
    Kirsty Merrell Katy, TX
    Super cute idea! We just painted & replaced our cabinet doors & drawers. I'll be sure to share this with my friend that we game most of the doors & drawers with, along with all the hardware. The previous owner painted all the knobs. I don't think she
  • Marj
    Marj Canada
    Ah, that's too bad. I notice 2011 in the link, so might be a four-five year old post.
  • Deb Hutton
    Deb Hutton Cedar Rapids, IA
    Awesome ideas
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