Tomatoes and their need for water

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I started May 28th planting 4 tomatoes around a garbage can with holes drilled in the bottom rim and a second row up about 10 inches. I buried the can to where the top holes just barely were above the ground, put in two shovels full of compost, then I fill the can up with water ever 2 days and tried not to water the leaves.
These four plants are now 5 ft 4 inches in less that a month and a half and loaded with green tomatoes and about a hundred sets of tomato blossoms.
May 28th 2012
End of June toping the 3 ft cage
July 9th after a week of record high temps and very little rain...the plants here are loaded with tomatoes inside the cage and full of blooms too!
  • Hellen L Nalley
    Hellen L Nalley Jeffersonville, IN
    I used 5gal buckets with 3 plants and then went out a little on sides with a pepper plant,,put them in on the8th after i got out of hospital for a cpllapsed lung and as of today you can really tell the difference in the size and one has blooms !!I also
  • Vonne
    Vonne Sandwich, MA
    Are there any fungus issues with the plants so close together? Is there a trick to harvestin?
  • Pam Sallie
    Pam Sallie Lake Butler, FL
    How many holes do you make in a bucket for each row and what size hole?
  • William Stanley
    What if i dont have compost
  • Nicki Rojas Seibt
    Nicki Rojas Seibt Montgomery, TX
    What about horn worms?
  • Bob
    Bob Tooele, UT
    How big of holes do u drill in bucket and how far apart
  • John Kohler
    John Kohler Brattleboro, VT
    What about mosquitoes?
  • Lynn
    lynn Australia
    do you cut the laterals off and do you add fertilizer to the compost. could you difine compost, not sure if it is th same ingredients as we use in australia
  • Brian
    Brian Warwick, RI
    Can someone re-post the link for the video please?
  • Leslie Charles
    How many holes do you drill in a 13 gallon aluminum can? Does the aluminum leach out?
  • Hellen L Nalley
    Hellen L Nalley Jeffersonville, IN
    My tomatoes are about 14 inchs tall and have blooms already,,are they to small to have blooms?,,,Should I pull the blooms til they get bigger or not?
  • Jimmecom
    Thanks for the post.

    How many 1/4" holes at each level? Any particular spacing?

  • Alycia Renee Policani
    Has anyone discovered what size holes and spacing on those holes?
  • Glenette Brodzinski
    I too have a lot of th same questions already posted. Doesnt seem like there are any answers coming!
  • Susan
    Susan New London, NC
    I did something similar to this many years ago except the tomato plants were on the outside of the wire. They were planted all the way around and tied to the wire as they grew. I didn't use a bucket but put compost along with fish emulsion in the center
James Bryan C