Create a flower planter from an old tire!

For the Garden 7 days ago
My future father-in-law came up with this brilliant idea over 20 years ago to cut and flip an old tire inside out and use it as a gorgeous planter!

You can check out more pictures and see the full tutorial on my blog, Pink Hammers & Sippy Cups!


  • Carla Seif
    Carla Seif Shiocton, WI
    It was my 1st attempt, as you can see the cuts are pretty awkward. Oh well try try again! Hubby tried to turn it inside out, after much huffing, puffing , and a few choice words he stomped off red in the face telling me to toss it. It was quite comical!
  • Sharon
    Sharon Decatur, MS
    Oh,you've done it now,Carla Self,lol... There will be much beer drinking ,flipping and betting going on all over the world,and lots of us happy folks home planting our tires...just a smilin'... BUT I can't get a picture to come up so I can see yours...
  • Ann Brownlee
    Ann Brownlee Fayetteville, GA
    My Mother used these planters years ago. Make sure you put them in place before filling them with soil, very heavy to move.
  • Kala Professional Restoration services
    Nice ideas!! but a difficult one like it has been rightly pointed out .
  • CathyG
    CathyG Shasta Lake, CA
    Our Neighbor gave use two Tires already cut and flipped.. They already had some Flowers painted on the sides of them... I planted Agave's in one of them and the other one I planted an Ivy in it... A Squirrel dug a hole and put a seed in with my Agave's
  • Nelda
    Nelda Dundee, FL
    I drew the shape I wanted (scallops). I have tried 4-5 different knives to cut it. What did others use to cut their tires? Thank you for the idea of taking tire to a tire shop..thats where I got mine.. 1 block away.. I'm not even going to attempt to turn it!
  • Sjb79225
    Sawzall or Reciprocating Saw
  • Carla Seif
    Carla Seif Shiocton, WI
    sawzall, I ruined my jig saw lol, was to wimpy
  • Peggy
    Peggy Duluth, GA
    Hmmmm. I would like to try this, but instead of planting in the tire, I would paint it a bright yellow (and whatever else I could think of), and hang it on the fence! Here comes the sun.
    • Lori
      Lori Canada
      My thoughts too Peggy. The inside is quite pretty and paint would make it only better.
  • Sally Runnalls
    Add soil and plants to it after you hang it on the fence.
  • Hmhush
    All of these tire planters are great
  • Auriza Vega
    Auriza Vega Zion, IL
    love this
  • Greentyre
    Greentyre Israel
    We make a lot of these and believe it or not today my 7 year old can do it also. All by herself. Where it normally takes an adult to do it. Thanks to a TyreFlipper. What a machine. Extra income with very little effort. Just check the profile photo.
  • Diane Larson
    Diane Larson Mora, MN
    may be we need to try this
  • Lori
    Lori Canada
    I've seen a lot of this type of thing, but your's are the prettiest I've seen. There are so many things you could do with these smaller ones, like, hang it tipped up in a hanger and have trailing plants come out both sides, or on a fence, painted yellow
Pamela R