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Cutting Down a Tree

I've had a few discussions here regarding trees and issues with them. If you do have a problem tree and it needs felling then this guide will provide some critical information. You should be aware that cutting a tree down can be extremely dangerous and I have covered the safety issues in the guide. Hope this helps with anyone having tree problems. http://hometipster.com/how-to-cut-down-a-tree/

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  • Donna M
    Donna M Austinburg, OH

    Professionals can be very expensive, if you don't have that option, and the tree needs to come down, it's nice to know that you can at least get some valuable information from someone who knows. We had to cut down over 100 trees near our new home,

  • Jan P
    Jan P Windsor, CT

    Having a 'Tree Guy' for a son....I have heard it all. He had to go out on a job once that a 'tree guy wanna be' was working (11PM) seems he underestimated the weight of the tree - and as he was cutting - it headed right towards the house. When my

  • A Southern Tree
    A Southern Tree Roswell, GA

    Amen Jan - we get reports of death and serious injury every week (yes, week) by DIY'ers and even "professionals" - this is what keeps me up every night (and we have competent, trained and very careful employees).

  • Tammy T
    Tammy T Spokane, WA

    Ive been told that gettin a tree cut down in Nov or Feb is best, When te leaves are gone and business is slow they will give you a good rate

  • Jeanette S
    Jeanette S Atlanta, GA

    Just a few months ago we spent almost $6,000 getting trees down and some trimmed. Sometimes you cannot afford to wait. There was one big one that Hubby was fearful of and wanted it to come down (Poplar, 70' tall and 3 feet across). Two arborist

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