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How to edge flower beds... like a pro!

My brother is a pro gardener and many moons ago, he shared how he professionally edged flowerbeds. I get comments asking how I do my own, so today I'm sharing my secrets!

How do you edge your flowerbeds?
Cost: $0.00 Difficulty: Easy

To see more: http://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/2012/07/how-to-edge-flower-beds-like-pro.html

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  • Rhonda Monticello, IN
    I cut a deep 'V' and add some mulch in the bottom of the 'V'. Cut straight down and cut the 'V' toward the garden. I like this look but I trip on this deep cut sometimes so be careful.
  • JoAnn Caudle Powder Springs, GA
    Thank you so much for sharing! Looks fabulous….will try in my garden beds!
  • Jan Hurta Orland Park, IL
    Preen will not harm your plants. It's a pre-emergant. That means it will prevents seeds from germinating but not kill anything else. Read the label people.
  • Bethany W. Tallahassee, FL
    So glad to see this. I'm wanting a clean border around the plantings in my front yard, and thought I would have to buy some kind of border to keep it neat. Those can get pretty pricey if you have a lot or border to do. This will be perfect, and it looks
  • Terea H Southfield, MI
    Thank you. Edging has been a pain in the b*&^. Will have to try this.
  • Anna Marie Gustafson Cleveland, OH
    Good to know $$ wise and that you actually use it! I would not spread tons of it in the trenches, but wow I can not afford to hurt my back-had a slipped disc and sciatica--just did too much in the garden last year and probably not properly either though
  • Amanda DeLoach Pembroke, GA
    on already existing beds I used the edger attachment that goes on the weed eater...the one that is made for cement edging and it works great.
  • Cheri Fettes Empire, MI
    Amanda DeLoach THANKS for that reminder. Now, if I can remember that long enough for the snow to go away!
  • Bethany W. Tallahassee, FL
    Donna - upkeep is always a given, isn't it? ;-) Still love whst you did, and will most likely use it. Again, you have a beautiful garden.
  • Janice Houston, TX
    We found that using household vinegar works most of the time but if you can find 20% acidic vinegar, it works ALL the time. Household is only about 5%. The stronger stuff used to be sold at Lowe's but they have stopped carrying it in my area. I've been
  • Donna Cox The Colony, TX
    i needed this bad ,thanks for advice
  • Suzanne Wayda Norman Park, GA
  • Bonnie Berkley, MI
    Thank you for sharing this. It will help us a lot in restyling the garden.