How to edge flower beds... like a pro!

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My brother is a pro gardener and many moons ago, he shared how he professionally edged flowerbeds. I get comments asking how I do my own, so today I'm sharing my secrets!

How do you edge your flowerbeds?

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Isn't this edge pretty, trust me, this is very easy to do with 3 tools you likely already have on hand.
This was the before. Does this look like what you tend to have?
This is a simple half moon edger which creates the super clean edges.
Once the cut is made, create a trench with mounded soil in the opposite direction of the cut.
The trench allows for water run off.

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  • Ivory
    Ivory Orland Park, IL
    I am smiling, because we have a tool like that, but I had no idea what it was used for, now I know. Thanks to you and your brother's tip, It will be used this summer.
  • Rebecca Beisenstein
    Double layer of thick plastic as a vertical barrier, 10-12 inches deep. Stops grass from going into planter beds. Does not deter tree roots though.
  • Ani Cabanas
    Ani Cabanas Uruguay
    So cousy, I will do that with and old chair too. :-) The bird's house may be harder.
  • Aspadistra Pronk
    Aspadistra Pronk United Kingdom
    Thanks for sharing. :)
  • Jemma Dee
    Jemma Dee South Elgin, IL
    Warning: do not fill your newly created trench with mulch. It will ruin all your hard work and allow grass to migrate back into your flower beds.
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