How to edge flower beds... like a pro!

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My brother is a pro gardener and many moons ago, he shared how he professionally edged flowerbeds. I get comments asking how I do my own, so today I'm sharing my secrets!

How do you edge your flowerbeds?
Cost: $0.00 Difficulty: Easy
Isn't this edge pretty, trust me, this is very easy to do with 3 tools you likely already have on hand.
This was the before. Does this look like what you tend to have?
This is a simple half moon edger which creates the super clean edges.
Once the cut is made, create a trench with mounded soil in the opposite direction of the cut.
The trench allows for water run off.

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  • Amanda DeLoach
    Amanda DeLoach Pembroke, GA
    on already existing beds I used the edger attachment that goes on the weed eater...the one that is made for cement edging and it works great.
    • Sandy Pudoff
      Sandy Pudoff Orange Park, FL
      Amanda DeLoach My husband does the same thing, standing it straight up so the effect is the same without the manual labor. We've both had back surgeries, not going near a shovel without a plant in the other hand!
  • Cheri Fettes
    Cheri Fettes Empire, MI
    Amanda DeLoach THANKS for that reminder. Now, if I can remember that long enough for the snow to go away!
  • Bethany W.
    Bethany W. Tallahassee, FL
    Donna - upkeep is always a given, isn't it? ;-) Still love whst you did, and will most likely use it. Again, you have a beautiful garden.
  • Janice
    Janice Houston, TX
    We found that using household vinegar works most of the time but if you can find 20% acidic vinegar, it works ALL the time. Household is only about 5%. The stronger stuff used to be sold at Lowe's but they have stopped carrying it in my area. I've been
  • Donna Cox
    Donna Cox The Colony, TX
    i needed this bad ,thanks for advice
  • Suzanne Wayda
    Suzanne Wayda Norman Park, GA
  • Bonnie
    Bonnie Berkley, MI
    Thank you for sharing this. It will help us a lot in restyling the garden.
  • Lynette
    Lynette Minneapolis, MN
    Thanks for sharing. Was just debating how to add curb appeal to front garden bed but did not want to add a border.
  • Marion Nesbitt
    Have edged for years and edge well out from the plants. Makes your property look well-tended. When I mow, I have 2 wheels on the grass and 2 on the earth. No other actions needed. Do it once in the fall, so it doesn't have to be done in spring when there
  • Patsy Price
    Patsy Price Hartsville, SC
    Thanks for posting.
  • Trish Carpenter
    Trish Carpenter Vicksburg, MI
    Fantastic info! I've so many edges that are just mounded high with grass and this is such a saving grace for pocket book and landscaping peace of mind. THANK YOU!
  • Melanie Hinman
    Melanie Hinman Bay City, MI
    I saw this post last year and bought myself a half-moon edger! I was very pleased at how clean it cut, and with less effort than I anticipated. Shaking and pounding the dirt out of the cut sod wasn't fun, but never is, and required with any initial
  • All About Rose Gardening
    All About Rose Gardening Hubbardston, MA
    I have been edging my rose beds all summer! It does look so much nicer!
  • Marti Shuler
    Marti Shuler Bolivar, MO
    We deal with crab grass. Any suggestions on how to keep the crab grass to a minimum? And have you heard of using corn meal to prevent weeds from germinating in flower beds?
  • JoAnn Ray Ward
    JoAnn Ray Ward Dalton, GA
    Need help with CAMELLIAS. I HAVE 3 LARGE CAMeLLIA BUSHES (live in north Ga.) it's

    hard to cover them in the freezing weather because of size. Buds get frost bitten but they still have 100's of blooms down

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