• Gypsy Barn
    Gypsy Barn Canada
    Thank you!
  • Sara Daehn
    Sara Daehn Bedford, IN
    Is this for sale?
  • Laura Garcia
    Laura Garcia Danville, CA
    Beautiful and unique...love these! Pinning and tweeting to share your talent and artistry!
  • Gypsy Barn
    Gypsy Barn Canada
    Thank you Laura!
  • Mary-Lynne Dean
    Mary-Lynne Dean Beverly Hills, CA
    Love this!! Is there a DIY page??
  • Mary-Lynne Dean
    Mary-Lynne Dean Beverly Hills, CA
    HA HA! I just realized why it says you are in Beverly Hills. That's the only American zip code I know too! Soo funny! :) Gotta love t.v.
  • Lori T
    Wow thats pretty
  • Jan
    Jan Grafton, WV
    how did you do this
  • Sherrie
    Sherrie Nixa, MO
    I love this!
  • Gypsy Barn
    Gypsy Barn Canada
    I would love to post a DIY on this - however, because I am playing with the old paints and most old paints like this contain lead, and the nature of the process, I cant really tell people - I wouldn't feel comfortable knowing that someone might
  • Marg C
    Marg C Middletown, NY
    I'm wondering how you do the 'chipping' process....also, your design is 'chipped' out? I know you don't want to go into detail about the paint...all I want to know is what tools you use?
  • Remodeling Home Improvement Magazine
    That must took a lot of hours to achieve that look. FANTASTIC JOB! You could do a whole furniture line with your designs.
  • Gabriel D
    Gabriel D Canada
    Wonderful piece. Nice job.
  • Gilbert | upcycleDZINE
    Very nice. Really like the bird and tree!
  • Hanz Hamburger
    Just tell us how to do it.
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