Chipping Old Paint for Beautiful Designs

Great ideas 11.01.15

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Sometimes, a piece is naturally *chippy* to perfection, but still lacking that finesse for the "wow" factor, so I decided to give it a hand with a little extra chipping. It is a very lengthy a tedious project, but the end results are always worth it!
  • The After Picture of the Chirpy Chippy Dresser. She is the only piece so far we haven't allowed to go up for sale, that's how much we love her! We allowed the natural Mahogany to show through as the wood of the tree.
  • The Little Mahogany Chipped Dresser when she arrived at the house....... I loved her just like that - but she was missing something .......
  • The latest Chip out design. We love doing these! Each drawer, after the design, chipping, detailing and layered waxes, took approx 4 hours... yes, each drawer.....
  • Marg C
    Marg C Middletown, NY
    I'm wondering how you do the 'chipping' process....also, your design is 'chipped' out? I know you don't want to go into detail about the paint...all I want to know is what tools you use?
  • Remodeling Home Improvement Magazine
    That must took a lot of hours to achieve that look. FANTASTIC JOB! You could do a whole furniture line with your designs.
  • Gabriel D
    Gabriel D Houston, TX
    Wonderful piece. Nice job.
  • Gilbert | upcycleDZINE
    Very nice. Really like the bird and tree!
  • Hanz Hamburger
    Just tell us how to do it.
Gypsy Barn

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