Sea Glass Jar DIY

Crafts 11.28.15
I creating these jars using a homemade modpodge (2 parts glue to 1 part water) mixed with food coloring, water and a little dishsoap. Took me all of about 10 minutes and I LOVE the way they came out. Placed them in my kitchen window and it makes doing the dishes a lot more enjoyable! ;)

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  • Bernice H
    Bernice H New York, NY
    Ashleigh B I love these, you have a reply on your blog from someone who said to use white glue on wood to give your painted surface a crackle effect. Have you tried this? And since the glue is...glue, what happens if your glued surface gets wet at some time?
  • Bernice H
    Bernice H New York, NY
    These are absolutely beautiful! The colors just are so soothing and fresh!
  • Mary W
    These are wonderful!
  • Cynthia McCoy
    Cynthia McCoy Middleboro, MA
    Would covering the outside with Outdoor Modpodge make them waterproof?
  • Ashleigh B
    Ashleigh B Mountain Home, ID
    Love that idea Brenda! I loved decorating for my wedding. You can do really pretty stuff for very inexpensive if you are willing to get creative and put some elbow grease into it! :)
  • Ashleigh B
    Ashleigh B Mountain Home, ID
    Thank you everybody!
  • Ashleigh B
    Ashleigh B Mountain Home, ID
    Sallie is right, Donna, they can't be washed. But the inside can be rinsed out. I just rinse out the inside after each use. :)
  • Sallie P
    Sallie P Natchitoches, LA
    Wouldn't be able to get the outside wet because it is not waterproof.
  • Mary Ann G
    Mary Ann G Crossville, TN
    Now those are too cool.Love them.
  • Brenda H
    Brenda H Pittsburgh, PA
    Love the idea. Looking for fun ideas for my niece's wedding reception. I have some inexpensive vases we are planning on mixing in with some of the more elegant crystal. Might be fun to use food coloring in her colors to add pops of color.
  • Donna M
    Donna M Everett, WA
    How do you clean them, can they be washed? I love them and am going to do this very soon. Thank you
  • Debbie N
    Debbie N Louisville, KY
    I love this! Thank you for the tutorial! The color of the seaglass with the pink flowers is beautiful! I plan to try this soon!
  • Magi B
    Magi B Los Angeles, CA
    Love it, their absolutely gorgeous
  • Sheila
    Sheila Cynthiana, KY
    I'm like Sherry Need alittle more instructions. They r beautiful.
  • Mom4Real
    Mom4Real Lexington, KY
    Love these! Trying your recipe tomorrow!
Ashleigh B